Today, I will introduce you a Gambling Site created since 2008, It is
It has MD5 games which is very fair and easy to get reward. If you play and stop in time, you can earn from $5 - $20 per day from this site.
Here is my tutorial to play Head Tail
You can view this clip when i played to see it's very fair with MD5 encrypted.
Specially, you can get reward up to $200 per week.
The game which i most like in this site is the game Slot 777, easy to win and if you luck, with $0.1 only you can get JACKPOT up to hundreds dollars.
I tested about justice of this game and easy to win in this clip
Win29 has stopped head or tail with hashkey and just offers 220% head or tail without hashkey , The onley trustworthy website that offers head or tail game with MD5 hash that i found is : head or tail bet .com
It accepts bitcoin , webmoney and perfectmoney and has multiplayer bet , enjoy.