Why it is risky to buy Airtime through GTBank apps

All commercial banks in Nigeria offer purchases of airtime through their apps, online banking platforms and USSD codes. They offer services for Airtel, Glo, MTN and 9Mobile.

I’m not here to promote or discredit any banks but to tell you the reality.

I used GTBank and still use Access Bank mobile apps to purchase airtime. This is fast and convenient. However, there is no perfect bank or perfect technology. There is bound to be a temporary issue with those telecoms companies as well as any bank (no matter the advances in technology). They may have network issues at any time (which are often temporary).

But what makes the difference is how a bank’s customer support addresses any issues. GTBank is fast becoming an asshole bank! Their online customer support is now zero rating!

There was a time I sent airtime to a wrong number through Access Bank mobile app. If the number was live, I would accept the money was gone. Thankfully the number was not live and Access Bank told me they would reverse the money within 48 hours, when I contacted them online. And they did. GTBank will never do that!

On Friday, August 15, 2020. I tried to buy N1500 Airtime credit on Access Bank mobile app, but the transaction was reversed. I tried it the second time; the transaction was reversed again. Yes my money was reversed.

Clearly something was wrong with Airtel at the time.

I then turned to GTBank mobile app, and tried to purchase Airtime. I was debited and nothing happened. I got no airtime: no reports and no alerts. I tried it the second time, and I was debited again. No airtime was given, and there were no alerts and reports. Till date, no money was reversed and nothing was rectified.

Yes, the money was small (N3000 in total), but it could have been N20000 in total because you could buy as high as that. It could be anybody. Even if it is N100, did I beg it from them? Can GTBank give you N100 free? Nope!

I sent several email messages. No response. Their online chat has already disappeared for long. Their social media support is as good as dead. A good bank should be able to differentiate between a real customer and an impostor.

GTBank has done lots of damages in my life, and I cannot list all of them here now. The issue of small credits are just a tip of iceberg. I stopped recommending that bank 5 year ago.

Nowadays, going to GTBank is like going to war. Why would they close most of their branches and hold many customers to ransom, thus subjecting them to hardships?

Other banks provide chairs and tents for their customers, to sit before it is their turn to go inside. GTBank let their customers stand in the sun or the rain for as long as they want.

They treat their customers like shit, and the money they make is from these people that they treat like garbage. They use their monies for business and they treat them like numbers, rather than individuals. They treat customers like beggars rather than human beings. And they are looking for more victims to come and open accounts with them.

How you do one thing is how you do everything. GTBank is fast becoming an asshole bank.
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