What is the best method for getting more traffic?

Yes, social media is a very good way that any body can use to get traffic especially if you are having so many friends on the social network. This thing will help you to build a lot of traffic when you share your content on the social media.
The first thing is SEO,then you can put up your site for advert on most PTC sites that rank well in alexa,you can also use Youtube,Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin and other social media to promote and get good traffic to your site,and also depends on kind of contents you have on your site and the more you update it!
It is tough method as compared to constructing a website.First of all, you have to promote your blog or website on the various forums or marketing medias.I shall prefer forums over other methods as it is done manually by you.
If you want your post to be indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing, you should set your blog privacy settings to make your blog visible to all search engines.
I have tried some methods to my blogger site to get few traffics, but could not succeed. Many advices on working with a site to get free traffics did not work well. It is too difficult to get some quality back links without paying a penny for them. I don't know whether free quality back links are available or not?? Please suggest.
Zloi4el said:
social emdia marketing via social emdia websites like Facebook, Twitter is very effective now in terms of attracting traffic to your website.
you are right, but targeted traffic is important if we don't know how to generate lead so we are wasting our important time.
Try social media and facebook ads.FB Ads work very well with ecommerce sites. If you have a product that could interest a potential buyer then make a good and compelling ad campaign and you should be good to go.
FB ads work well and you can also start your campaign with low budget on Facebook too and if you get success then you can scale your campaign,but it also needs good research to find your targetted audiance to sell your stuff to them..
It is very important to make effective use of your anchor text when trying to promote your website through article marketing because your link is almost valueless if you don’t make effective use of your anchor text.
1)Viral Pictures
Viral is closely connected with something that may spread easily.So i suggest you to create a viral picture which is closely connected with your products and spread it.
Everyone likes funny pictures and they don't mind sharing it with others.It's viral.So, If you're selling a health product, then you may create a funny picture about it and put your website's name on it.
Next, just forward it to as many contacts as possible using e-mails. Whether it's a 12 years old kid or 21 years old adult.They would just love and share it with others. Can you see how easy it is?

2)Viral Videos
Videos are the most famous entertainment on the Internet.People would just love it dues to it's effectivenes in spreading the message. So i suggest you to create viral videos about your product and again put your link in it.
If you got 3 minutes video, then make sure your website's link is visible throughout the whole 3 minutes.If you don't have the neccessary tools to create a video, then you can simply collect 5-10 viral pictures and then convert it into video using Windows Movie Maker.
Then just upload it to You Tube or Google Videos. Now using bluetooth everyone is exchanging videos from their mobiles or computers. If your video is viral enough to attract others, it will easily spread to others.

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3)Yahoo Answers
I probably won't be answering your question if i don't know the answer. And i won't suggest you any websites link if i think that it's not going to help you.
So simply answer any questions that you're knowleadgeable(your niche market) at and put a link to your websites as extra source for others.
If your answer is good and solved the questions, people would also expect for more tips and suggestion from you.If you suggested any website links, there are high chances for anyone to visit it.

4)Forum Marketing
Forum Marketing works just like Yahoo Answers. They would be a lot of tips and questions exchanged in any forums.
So start getting active and contribute to any forum members and they will appreciate your expertise and start visiting your websites fo more up-to-date tips.

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5)Newsgroup Marketing
Promote your expertise and links in newsgroups by contributing your tips to other members.

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6)Article Marketing
Write articles within your niche and submit it to article directories.Write good and informative articles and a nice bio box that'll attract visitors.

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7)Social Networking
Use social networking sites to promote your products and links. As you know social networking sites are self promotoable. If you got a nice profile with beautiful pictures in it, i bet you'll get a lot of visits from other members.

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Good luck buddy
Social media is the biggest traffic provider now a days. You can use it for getting good amount of real traffic to your webpage. Share your web to different social pages.
Forum is also good source of traffic, but few forums do not allow posting ads link of our blog or web page. So it is better to use both social media and forums for getting traffic for blog.
I think you should hire promoter and someone else who can write an nice article about your website if you aren't good at promoting. If you don't want to, I think PPC websites are good places to advertise, especially Google AdSense.

My experience: traffic exchange is the worst way to promote website since surfers don't much care about advertisement, they only focus on how much credit or cash they earn.
Hire a promoter would perhaps help. This is what I am thinking about also. There are so many ways of doing SEO but if your knowledge and experience are not that good, you might also end up having poor SEO. But when you seek for a professional help, let say an SEO consultant or company, they may be able to help you in coming up with strategic marketing plan. You can also have your site checked for other concerns that should be addressed immediately like meta tags and broken links. I read that broken links have the potential to also damage your website. So, I think it is best to really seek for assistance from an SEO professional rather than doing it alone. Well, that's only my opinion and base on my experience.