What is the best method for getting more traffic?

you have to find some good auto surf website which brings in traffic to your website in exchange of clicking ads on there website you will get 1 visitor for one add you click on there website the more adds you click there the more traffic you will get for your website.......
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Join traffic exchange sites through which you will get a lot of traffic from it to your sites and even for free, and a second thing is that you can invest some money and buy a traffic pack in google adwords or adsense.
It may be difficult to increase site traffic until you create useful informative contents. Search engine like Google have new updates now that significantly give emphasis on non
plagiarize useful grammatically correct contents , it detects grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, duplicate or copied contents easily, commonly such contents decreases your web page ranking while Google has been crawling and indexing web pages. key word selection is another factor that helps you promoting site's page rank.
If your site's page get low ranking, it will not display in first search results.
You can also use similar sites with the one adil007 mentioned like centworkers, minuteworkers, jobboy. But first, you must have original content
promote the site in ptc site will bring traffic. however, such way require to spend money. however, if join traffic exchange site, people not necessary to spend money. only need to collect the point by surf and then, use the point to get traffic.
the best way to drive traffic to your website is by traffic exchange websites like easyhits they give you one hit back to your website everytime you view an advertisement on their website so the more ads you view on such websites the more hit you gonna get for your websites plus for every 1000 ads you view on there you will get 3o cent for it...other way to improve traffice is by taking social media help you have share links on facebook or on twitter and ask your friends to like it and share it that way you will big exposure to your websites...
I got instant visitors from auto surf site,easy hits 4 you.com.when I watched at my blog traffic statics, 11 page views found from 75 credits instantly . I think manual and auto surf sites give us huge traffic through traffic exchange. besides down line builders can also do good job for E-commerce web promotions. email marketing, article marketing , book marking, key word selection, meta tag selection , social media marketing, back link building through link exchange and several other tactics can help you in increasing traffic for your site program.
I think if you could manage to get a good google keywords ranking of your site, you can get plenty of valuable traffics to your site. It is a hard job but is highly rewarding. Article marketing, social bookmarking, StumbleUpon are some good options too. But Keywords ranking is the best method to get good traffic.
evearmytage said:
Everyone is using Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to promote their content. Increasing traffic to a blog is hard work.
that is good idea to promote the site in social media. however, it require many followers or friends if want to get high number of traffic click. if join social trading site, doesn't require to have followers or many friends. enough by spend the time to active clicking, and then high traffic will come to the website.
I think a good Google page ranking can solve all problems to get good and genuine traffics to a site consistently. Many of us know how to get higher page rank, one way to get higher google page rank is by blog looping theory. Where blogs are looped to each other in a matrix order to rise the page rank of the top blog with their individual contribution of fractional page ranking contribution through out-bound linking.
Try using social media like twitter and facebook, make as much friends as possible and post regularly.make a good relation with your friends. a good source to get good traffic is to search similar sites like yours and make connections between each other.make back to back links and be active on these sites, this way surly bring handsome traffic
blog commenting back links, use social networking site and write valuable content will drive traffic to our site. has chance also to be indexed on top 10 google rank if we keep update the content which it popular and searched by many people.
The person can gate traffic by making use of signature in forum. The traffic will not be big but it will be real traffic that the person can use. To get traffic that will stay is not easy and it needs that the person should be patient in other to do so.
I do agree. use signature link is one way to drive traffic. useful too to get referral if we are want to get commission. many ways available and if we are try all of them, we will get high number of traffics.
Social media is a great way to get traffic, but it needs to be understood as each social media site works slightly differently and requires different techniques. You need to know the best ways to promote on each site.