What is perfect optimized page?

Some nice and concrete points about an optimized page. But the problem is that the need for optimization also play a vital roile in selecting the technique. Some features may not work for certain causes. So it is the part of the master to roll the ball as per the requirement.
In my view, a perfect optimized webpage is Meta-tags(title=69 Characters, keywords, description=156 Characters), fresh Content in the page with less keyword density, alt and title tag for images.
Well friends according to me perfectly optimized page have good quality contains content, no broken links accurately optimized videos and links. All links should be properly engaged. This can be a perfect page.


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tairoylance112 said:
Thanks for sharing! The perfectly optimized page can have good chances to get higher rankings in search engines. That's what I am doing right now. Great infographic!
What infographic???


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I guess what he is trying to say is a kind of graphical representation of whatever information he wants to add on his site rather than wordings only. I have come across a blog that talks about how good pictorial view of your page can go a long way to drive traffic to your site and increase the ranking provided they are some original content.
your site will be perfect optimization for using the following steps:
1. Rich & good quality content will be in your site.
2. Using keyword in domain-name,post-title,page-title and in the body content of your website properly & in perfect ratio.
Everyone has got a different perspective in regards to onpage marketing. There are different factors for every online look for engine, so we always need to consider the marketing that matches all the google. The best is to follow the set of guidelines that are described in google website owners recommendations.