What All Newcomers To Computers/Internet Should Know. Part. 2


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Hi Jambutty

Many thanks for your valuable insights for new comers including me. I am studying the pages of different forums for a few days, and found this one real helping for us.

I don't know whether asking this would be silly, still curious. I noticed sites mentioned in payinghyiponline.com OR makecurrencyonline.com etc. have their own votes, comments etc. BUT talkgold.com never bothers about these sites. Are they all fake-s. This is quite confusing.

I already know HYIP-s are to go, tomorrow or day-after. Is there anything / site to know which are fake-s?

As you told, you don't go for very high returns, that's true, but does that mean, every high-returners are fake, if not, how do a new-comer / I know it ?
jambutty said:
Before you join any site try to remember this:
If a site looks too good to be true then it probably is.
Do not stake or deposit more than you are prepared to lose.
Research a site BEFORE joining. How? Check the Scam and the I Have Been Paid By …. folders for starters. Also check the signatures of the more experienced members.
Read the Terms and FAQ’s of a site thoroughly, particularly the cashout terms.
Just because a site has been paying up until now it doesn’t mean that it will pay tomorrow.
If you read on a site that they are here for the long term and their admin is an honest person, take it with a pinch of salt. They all say that and 99.9% disappear sooner or later with their members’ money.
If in doubt do not join and certainly do not join just because the site is there.
Don’t be in such a hurry to give your money away. Invest in haste, repent at leisure.
Beware of posts that encourage you to join a particular site. The motive is to get you as part of their down line and thus extra earnings for them. Some people still promote sites that are showing paying problems.
NEVER COMPOUND or at least not until AFTER you have got your stake back. All the time you are compounding, your earnings are in your site account and as such have no real cash value until you can transfer them to your E-Gold account. Some people opt for 50% compounding and 50% withdraw if the site allows such a strategy and that’s OK I guess but only until AFTER you have got your stake back.
When making a deposit with a site check that your E-Gold is going to the correct account. Many sites quote their E-Gold account somewhere on the site so make sure that when you are making your deposit that is the account number that your E-Gold is going to.
Many newcomers would like to introduce a new site to the other members and hopefully gain loads of referrals. Great if you have the experience to sniff out a likely site. Sadly too many people see an advert for a site that quotes the usual honest admin – here for the long term etc and in the rush to be seen to be contributing something to the forum, forget or ignore the caveats above.
Consider yourself to be an apprentice money maker and learn from the more experienced members before striking out on your own. It will take time but it could save you some money.

Doublers, Treblers and Matricies are the most risky and I won’t even consider them let alone actually deposit some cash in one. Other people have a different view. High Yield Investment Programmes (HYIP) are high risk with Manual and Autosurfers a close second but money can be made.

HYIP’s – are programmes that offer various plans where a deposit will earn a certain percentage of the deposit each day for a certain number of days. Larger deposits will earn a higher daily percentage return. In the majority of case you do not get your stake back.

For example 12% per day for 12 days will give you a return of 144% on your stake. Stake $100 and you get $144 back and that is a clear profit of $44 in 12 days.

Manual and autosurfers are similar except that in order to earn your daily return you have to surf a certain number of web pages each and every day for the duration of the upgrade. Miss a day and you miss that day’s earnings. Many sites will credit people who miss a day’s surfing IF the inability to surf is down to the site being down or not working properly. It happens!

There are no fixed rules about which site to join, although here are some guidelines that I use:
Can I withdraw daily or at least weekly? Yes is a good sign. No is not necessarily a bad sign if the duration is measured in days rather than weeks or months. 30 days or more without being able to make a withdrawal from time to time is beginning to get a bit iffy for me. Then again I have made and I am still making money on sites that have been running for a year. However I wouldn’t join such a site today because it would take 100 days to earn my stake back and for me that is too long now.
How long has the site been in operation? More than about 3 months and I start to get nervy.
Have they been paying regularly and on time? Yes then it seems OK. No! Steer clear!
Do contact message or emails to the site admin get a response with the time stated? Yes = good sign. No = bad sign.
Does the site keep on changing the terms? Not good! Although that will depend on the changes and the reasons for them, if you can believe the reasons.
If a site is offering more than about 150% overall return I tend to avoid them.

The best time to join any programme is during the first few days of it running although this is no guarantee that it will continue for any decent length of time.

There is no real worst time except that the longer a site has been operating the greater the chance of it disappearing sooner rather than later. But then having said that Studio Traffic ran for two years and 12DailyPro for a similar time. They are both gone now though. As I said, it is all a gamble.

Your prime target is to get your stake back and once that happens you are not losing. The daily percentage rate will tell you how long it will take to get your stake back. Just divided the daily percentage rate into 100 and the answer will be the number of days to get your stake back. Thus a site offering 12% will get you your stake back in 8.33 days - 9 really. I prefer to divide the daily percentage rate into 120 as this will show me how many days it will take to get my stake back, cover the E-Gold charges and also make a small profit.

How much to stake? This is always a contentious issue in that some people prefer to make a ‘test spend’ of $10 or so to see how the site performs and then deposit a larger sum. A ‘test spend’ of $10 will not give you enough profit to make a further and meaningful deposit so you have to use some of your own money again once your ‘test spend’ matures. Your money will be at risk twice or even three or four times before you can play with their money. By then the programme might be 10 weeks old. That is not necessarily too old though.

I prefer to make my initial deposit high enough to give me a return that will enable me to make another meaningful deposit from the clear profit. For instance a $50 stake may return $75. You put your $50 back in your pocket and upgrade or deposit $20 from the $25 clear profit. Your money is only at risk once. If it gets over that hurdle you are then playing with their money not yours and you can keep on putting $20 back of their money to earn a bit more until the inevitable happens. After a while you could up your stake but only from you profits and not with new money.

You are not making a fortune but you are not losing either and for me the name of the game is NOT TO LOSE FIRST. Any profit is a bonus.

Hopefully the above will give you some idea of what you are up against and what you can do to minimise the potential losses and actually make some gains. Use the strategy that I use or it may give you some ideas on how to develop your own.

Good luck!

I needed to say Thank You for providing these details