What All Newcomers To Computers/Internet Should Know. Part. 1

Witmahart said:
l use my personal message to determine if the Lr site is real. Incase its turn out fake, l will log out and change my password on the real Lr site within min.
yeah that's right! just change the password as soon as possible!
kiemtien45141 said:
yeah that's right! just change the password as soon as possible!
yes this is right change your password but don`t make a long password i think it will better to put some numberic words in our password because it`s increases the effeciency of password to.
Don`t write your name,bro and sis name, mobile number date of birth etc
We cannot barely think that I'm responsible too to become uninformed upon some of the people points becoming pointed out after i began generating on the internet. The actual line beginner within action mentioned just about all likelihood for all of us to become secure on the web globe. Many thanks for that info.
Infact i would just be straight and sincere,this is best thing i've read in days.well constructed,well arranged,straight to the point and easy to understand.thanks bro.
I find these information useful for me not only as a newbie in this program alone but also in other program. This program is highly educative and informative
I just read this. Although i'm not a complete noob in this business but i found some part of the article especially the security part to be useful for me. I will get the recommended softwares ASAP. Thanks jambutty for this post.
Thanks for the info, speaking of spam, the other thing that causes spam to increase is when other people see our paypal/payza email when we request for payment in other forums. I think the other forums should imitate the way payment request is being implemented here in goldentalk so that otherpeople won't see our email or payment id.