What All Newcomers To Computers/Internet Should Know. Part. 1

thank very much..it is scary to know that there are people out there who are looking in our emails. I will consider using ISP...thank you this becon of light. u are our light house...


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It is even more scary because the UK government is trying to get ISP’s to save all emails that go through the ISP so that they could be inspected by the security forces of the UK at their behest. And not content with that to get the telephone providers to record and save all phone calls. Today the police can get access to my phone records to see who I call and who calls me and when in their pursuit of a criminal investigation. Today the UK police have a DNA database that contains the DNA from 4.5 million individuals. The real scary thing about that is that some 1.5 DNA records are from people who haven’t actually been charged with a crime.

I believe that the US does something similar.

There are more CCTV cameras in our towns and cities and streets than any other country in the world.

Big Brother is just around the corner.
those are lots of reading. i had some idea already but not all. so it is good to learn more from this thread. yes. i am a lazy person in terms making different emails . but one time i got hacked in my payment processor account so i learn to change and have different passwords. i have not used hotmail. i don't like it. i prefer yahoo mail. thanks for this wonderful tips.


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sinip said:
You want to get really scared? Then read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECHELON :jitters:
Ah! Yes! Good old ECHELON.

My email signature includes this:
Oy! Copper, Spook, Echelon or anyone except the addressee! Why are you reading my mail? It wasn't sent to you and it's got nothing to do with you so go and play at spies somewhere else.

This email will self destruct in 5 seconds .... 4 .... 3 .... 2 .... 1 ....
Only kidding!!
I’m still waiting for someone official to knock on my door.

The last time that I went past RAF Menwith Hill a year or two back I stopped close to the fence. Within a few minutes two rather large snowdrops (RAF police) drew up in a Land Rover wanting to know why I had stopped and told me to move on.

I did.
Wow! Very useful indeed! I never know anything about this.. :) Good source of information, thanks for sharing and looking forward for some other tips that you can share here with us..


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Neil said:
Hello Neil,
If you haven’t done so already will you please put your location in your profile? Just the country will do. Knowing where each member is from can help out when some are reporting a site down whilst others say that they can get to the same site.

Whether you are new to the HYIP world or have a wealth of experience behind you, a very warm welcome to you from admin, moderators and our happy band of forum members. Our aim is to help each other.

You might like to refresh your memory of the forum rules at http://goldentalk.com/t7526.html and you can post your comments about them at http://goldentalk.com/t25587.html

If you are an out and out newbie to computers and the Internet these could be useful to you.

If you have some time to spare maybe you would consider having a read of the following threads.
http://goldentalk.com/t2270.html for info on making a signature.

You should find them useful.

Finally a couple of tips on DD.
Go to http://www.goldpoll.com/ or .net or .org. A short way down on the left hand side you will find a HYIP Search field. Input the name of the site or its URL that you are looking for and click on “Search”. If GoldPoll is monitoring the site you will be taken to it quickly.

Back in the forum do a search for the programme. Once again just its name should be enough.

Seeing as many members are ignoring the request to name the title of a thread with just the programme name this makes searching awkward and often doesn’t find the thread. So search for this - *programme name* instead. For example – try searching for scinvesting as the title of a thread. Now try *scinvesting*

If there is a thread or threads for that programme you will be shown a list of them.

Good Luck!

wow I cant hardly believe that I am guilty as well to be ignorant on some of those things being mentioned when I started earning online. The thread starter in deed stated almost all possibility for us to be safe on the internet world .This information I have just read will serve as a guidance to me not only for newbies but to all members who doesn't even know all this stuff. This post give me lot of information and have been very informative so far. I would like to thank for the thread starter for making this post and helping out all members to know all this tips you have shared. This might be nothing new to old members but would still be a constant reminder for those simple things being taken for granted by most members who had joined earning sites. Again many thanks to you my friend and more power.
Dear jambutty
great information . in fact fabulous. keep up the good work. I want to share your articles in my blogS with your name.can i do that?


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Dear jambutty
great information . in fact fabulous. keep up the good work. I want to share your articles in my blogS with your name.can i do that?
The simplest way to do that is to put a hyperlink in your blog leading to this thread. You don’t need anyone’s permission to do that.

That way if there are any updates to my post it will automatically update your blog at the same time.
I do agree with the admin that we secure our computers from various viruses and should put any anti virus program in to it. that will protect our pcs from virus
sinip said:
You want to get really scared? Then read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECHELON :jitters:
:jitters: Hope this kind of interception technology is not held by malicious ones, once we connect our PC with the Internet we are at risk, all we have to do is to secure our information as with any possible way as we can but theoretically, in reality we tend to act in a convenient way without using tools like MailWasher metioned if we don't have large amout of currency online.
Me too a binger

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