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chimotz said:
In your opinion which one is the best autosurfers or HYIP.
Could you give the details.

We are all looking for assurances that HYIP xxxx is the best so that we can pile our money into it and sit back and get rich without doing anything. Sadly it doesn’t work that way.

The best HYIP or autosurfer is the one that has just paid you. Whether it will pay you tomorrow remains to be seen. The best HYIP or autosurfer is the one where you have passed your break-even point and actually have a clear profit. Whether it will continue in the same vein remains to be seen.

I cannot predict the future – nor can anyone else, so whenever you join a programme and deposit some money you take a chance that you will not lose and might even actually gain something.

If you are looking for somewhere to risk your money then look in the “I Have Been Paid By …” folder to see which programmes are currently paying. There may be a thread in the “General Golden Talk Discussion” section. Look in GoldPoll monitor site and lastly look at the HYIP web site and then YOU HAVE TO DECIDE FOR YOURSELF if you want to take the risk with a particular programme.

Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to read but that’s the way it is.
Ok,Thanks anyway

I Just thought that you have a lot of experience in this Game. well I will Decide which one is the best for me.
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