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SiddFisher said:
This is the best thread there is for any new member to feel his way around the forum.
Are you still going to be posting welcome messages in the first post of every new member!!! Hahaha!! I think now you can shorten that welcome post and point the new guys here so they can learn a thing or two about HYIPs and this forum.
Keep up the good work Jambutty. You're the best mod I've ever seen!!
Hello forum members i am new here and wanted to say hi to everyone.
Hope to find a new home here and make some friends
I am thankful to goldentalk to provide such a great platform regarding all kind of money making queries and their answers.It is providing me a great benefit regarding my money making plan.


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still i cannot access my control panel..i cannot see where its written user control panel
There is NO such thing as a control panel in this Forum software and if you are thinking of getting paid for your postings, you are mistaken. GoldenTalk is no longer a Paid To Post forum.
Hello everybody, I'm michel from new york.
I have been trading for over 4 years now and continue to learn something new everyday. Trades involve both short and long positions. Momentum, Technicals, and Price Action are my trading tools.

I am well and fell good for join here today.
And you?