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Posting links to an off forum source that contains proof of payments is seen as a breach of the no user ID’s in posts rule.

The forum rules have been amended to outlaw this practice.
Do not include a link to some off forum source that shows your payment proof. This includes youtube, facebook, your own web site, other forums etc. but is not limited to those. The 39K allowance for publishing screen grabs in a post is more than enough to enable members to post payment proof screen grabs.
Adding your own web site URL to a screen grab is also seen as advertising in a IHBPB post and it too breaches the forum rules - http://goldentalk.com/t7526.html
You should first read the TOS and FAQ to get answers of your all questions before joining the site this or any other.That will help you to know the rules and the properties of that site you are joining.Hope this helped


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daycash said:
I am just new here in this thread. Why the rules is so powerful
Welcome to the forum.

The rules are “so powerful” as you put it, so as to give every member a fair chance and to prevent mischievous posts.

Members, particularly new members and people new to HYIP’s, will read a post and in most cases believe what has been posted. We strive to try and ensure that each post is truthful so that anyone reading the post can be reasonably sure that what is posted is not a load of rubbish.

Also, this forum is a “Pay to Post” forum and that brings with it posts for the sake of posting (what we call post chasing) just to earn some money with scant regard of the content of the post.
Thanks for the information. Most newbies just post irrelevant posts just to increase their number of posts so they'll reach minimum payout in no time without even reading the forum rules. Others see posting sites as an opportunity to spam and advertise in every forum thereby disrupting the main purpose of the forums.

Great work here to ensure that posts are truthful and relevant.
Effective post

It's a real magic to enjoy.actually I was hopeless when i was banned from forum site.but I have now confident of myself to achieve better.
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