Volatility did not matter for US stocks

Inspite of high volatility, US stocks rose as material and financial shares ended up on a high note in US.

I think just for that day, volatility is not taken into account I suppose. The markets were quite volatile that day...but it did not effect the US stocks..

strange but a great trading day...
In my view lot of expectations are added to the stock prices, there is not very much room now on upside for the stocks to blast so this is certain that in the next year the stock are not going to be double the price where they are right now. Even for nasdaq crossing 2500 mark is looking like a dream. But any bad news certainly may pulll the centiments down. So one has to be a bit careful while investing the stock which has touched their peak.
It is not necessary that every stock will follow the similar pattern when there is market fluctuations. There are several factors responsible behind these changes.