Dear Sports Bettor,

Due to the fact that there are so many negative attitudes and offending bettors online, is going back to being a Private Group, our last day online will be April 30, 2018. We in no way want to be part of this online negativity, we are too busy beating the sports books to deal with negative attitudes and offending bettors online.

Since July 13, 2015 our experts are 714-304-64 (70%), and since we launched online November 20, 2017 our experts are 127-54-11 (70%).

Online bettors don’t know how to value what we have done over the years, they have no money management, they are GAMBLERS! No matter how good we are, when dealing with sports bettors that have lack of discipline, we could never be good enough for them.

With this being said, we would like to bring a few good guys into our group before we go private, therefore we have put together a very attractive Starter Plan to help you join our Private Group and build confidence in our service before you start wagering larger amounts.

Starter Plan offer valid until April 30, 2018, contact us for details.

If you are a serious sports bettor and are looking for great results long term we look forward to having you on board. If you have lack of discipline and 70% is not good enough for you because you wager more then you should and a few less better days will hurt you, please do not signup.

Until April 30, 2018 you can contact us at, following that date you can contact us at

Kind regards,

David Davis