TrafficSpammer - Get Traffic Like Spam

traffic spammer has been around for a while now. they don't use credits, they use minutes. the good thing is that they have customized timing so you can select how long you want visitors to stay on your site. i usually select 1 minute to boost up my blog's traffic rankings as it is much more likely to get it registered.

free members earn 60% of surf so you will get 0.6min for every minute you surf.

why i like this site: best timer, not delay. sites are strictly regulated. i've never encountered a frame breaker. i can just leave my computer for hours and it will exchange traffic with me.


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This is NOT an autosurf site, therefore it does not belong in the autosurf section.
The opening page even tells you it is a traffic exchange site
Our autohits traffic exchange is a simple and easy way to get free traffic.
Good auto traffic exchange site.They are among the top autosurf sites hence you are getting outstanding results here.You can add up to 3 sites as a free member and you have an option to upgrade your membership with them.I can recommend it to everybody ! This is a really nice service.I am not joking right now.Respect ! :D