Trading is risky

Trading is risky business since anybody would loss be able to immense cash in a couple of moments seconds. This is the motivation behind why money management and psychology assume extremely critical part in trading. As it is a risky business that's why there is risk management rules. Every trade needs to follow risk management policy according to his or her trading style
Trading is risky because every single trade involves trading leverage. So, leverage, poor money management policy gives birth to risk indeed. So traders should be cautious of the use of leverage and money management policy indeed. ADVERTISING REMOVED
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Every business has its measure of risks involved. This is why we must be very careful and be sure of our trading ability before we invest a huge amount of money. Like you said, risk management system must be put in place to ensure your fund is secure even when the market moves against you.
In my trading career, right now, I am involved with my EUR/USD, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, USD/JPY and EUR/JPY! Because I get good result by using those trading pairs only! Yes, I have a personal trading strategy that I use for my live trading! In other words, I am testing now CAD/JPY and Gold metal in my demo, I add now trading pairs in my live chart after doing 3 stage verification of performance!