(Crypto Exchange + Token with Dividends)

#1 is a trading and financing platform for crypto assets.
In the future it will add Forex and CFDs over precious metals, oil, commodities, indices, global equities, to name just a few.
During the ICO it raised $31,169,749 from 15,073 participants, making it a tremendous success.

It works as a cryptocurrency exchange platform and here’s what it’s all about:
• It’s created as a utility token that can be used for transactions on a wide range of assets via the exchange
You can use the Trade Token (TIO) to participate in the shared liquidity pool (50% of the revenue generates is shared with Trade Token holders, min. 2500 TIO)
• Fair & transparent distribution of new issues based on price and demand
• You can use the Trade Token to purchase new assets and IPOs/ICOs on their exchange

The trading pairs are BTC, ETH, TIO and USDT.
24h withdrawal limit: 2 BTC
KYC is optional.

Trade fees:
Maker 0%
Taker 0.1%


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Important Notice: Only trade TIO on

"Dear TIOnauts,
Around 08:40 EST, our security team was alerted to a large transaction from one of our wallets held in cold storage. As they investigated, they started noticing some irregular trading activity in TIO pairs on Bancor & Kucoin. We alerted both Bancor & Kucoin accordingly to disable any deposits & withdrawals, and did the same on TIO Deposits & Withdrawals will be disabled on both Kucoin & until further notice, and TIO will no longer be listed on Bancor. Additionally, TIO trading has been disabled on exchange until further notice..."

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Entering the Multi-Billion Dollar Industry of Co-working

In the near future, you’ll be able to enjoy your first NEST experience, a co-working food & beverage franchise, which will launch its first location in Malaysia in December.

NEST will feature co-working facilities that will cater to freelancers, business travelers, and of course, our TIOx community. This new innovation is designed to be a stand-alone business as well as act as a community hub for members.

Read more about NEST on Medium.

We’re Launching TIO Markets... to aquire FCA Regulated FX Firm

Dear TIOnauts,

In a strategic move to bolster our regulatory position and presence in Europe, we have entered into an agreement to acquire FCA-regulated Primus Capital Markets UK Ltd, which currently holds an IFPRU 125K Matched Principal License.

Primus Capital Markets will be rebranded TIO Markets and will become the first company to offer FX trading using crypto assets as base currency for deposits and withdrawals.

TIOx holders will be offered substantial commission discounts, tighter spreads and other incentives.

Read the full announcement on Medium.
FX Trading & Exchange API Now Available
Dear TIOnauts,

It’s our pleasure to provide you a late holiday present, a same day release of both FX Trading and our Exchange API. Our developers have spent countless hours putting the finishing touches on both projects in order to deliver on our promise to deliver by the end of 2018. A few important notes on both:

FX Trading

The home page now includes an “FX TRADING” tab, which will allow you to learn more about the TIO Markets MT5 Trading Platform, including various ways to download and access the MT5 platform. Feel free to download the platform on a device of your choice, choose Server: TIOMarkets-Demo and try FX trading via a 30 day Demo with $5,000 of “play crypto” to get familiar with the platform.

Once ready to start Live Trading, simply follow the steps below:

Log in to your exchange account where you will now see FX as an option. You will only be able to click on the FX tab if you have a Verified account.
Once you click on the FX tab, you will be directed to the Account Registration Page where you can choose your account parameters such as your leverage and base currency for your MT5 Account.
Upon successful registration, you will receive your Live Trading Username & Password from
Open the platform, choose Server: TioMarkets-Live 1, and login.
To fund your MT5 account, you can do so from your exchange account, where you can transfer either BTC, ETH or TIOx within seconds to your MT5 account.

Do note, you receive a 50% discount on commissions when using TIOx.

Exchange API

The Home Page now includes an “API” tab, which provides useful information needed to connect to the Exchange via API. Once ready to create an API Key, please login to your exchange account, where you will now see “API” as an option and follow the step by step instructions.
For any and all questions regarding FX Trading or the Exchange API, simply contact us on Telegram or Live Chat for immediate assistance.

Thank you all for your continued support in making the number one choice in crypto!

Message from the CEO - December 2018
Dear TIOnauts,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. As I pen this January edition of my CEO letter, I am finishing up my first 30 days as CEO, and what a month it has been. I am proud to relate some of the big steps that we have taken since I last wrote. The fantastic team at has been hard at work and, among other things, has completed the following:

Deployment of a revamped Home Page
Multiple enhancements to the exchange, along with the introduction of new tokens including Stellar & DAI & TIOx have been listed on CoinMarketCap
Introduction of mobile friendly browsers
Release of our institutional level API
AMAs from our incredible CTO Marcin Zduniak and yours truly
Live Moderated Chat on the exchange
FX & CFD trading via our sister company, TIO Markets
Soft Launch of our NEST co-working office space in Malaysia

A pretty stout list of accomplishments, if I do say so myself. The best news is that we are not done, not by a long shot. The first quarter of 2019 will be a busy one for us here at, with the following items on our "to do" list (among others):

Implementing dozens more tokens and chains, including XRP, NEO, EOS and stable coins
Adding at least one European regulation
Integrating fiat payments for the exchange
Standalone sites for TIO Markets for Saint Vincent & FCA entities
Various enhancements to the exchange, including innovative products

In addition to the above, I will be continuing to take a hard look at all of our departments and the state of the crypto industry with the goal of finalizing a report for our board of directors to deliver in the first part of January. Despite the increases in volume we have seen on the Exchange and the small year-end bump in crypto across the board, there is much to be done with regards to delivering for our TIOnauts. Even in light of our hard work and progress, I see significant room for improvement. There is a lot to be done yet, including ramping up our marketing efforts now that the Exchange is performing more in line with expectation and rationalizing our ongoing businesses, including some potential cost cutting and reallocation efforts. Lastly, we’ve started leveraging our contacts in the institutional space to bring more liquidity and volume to the Exchange. All of this with a single minded goal, more business means more revenue, lower costs mean more profit, more profit means larger LP distributions and a higher price for TIOx - that is our goal.

With that we will leave you for now and get back to work and wish you all a happy and prosperous 2019.


Bill Heyn
KTOS Trading Competition & Airdrop
Competition Worth More Than $130,000!

Think you’re good at trading? It’s time to put your skills to the test!

To celebrate the listing of KTOS on our exchange, we're launching a competition to give away 1 million KTOS tokens worth a staggering $130,000!

Challenge your friends and other TIOnauts, where you’ll be ranked by total KTOS volume traded across all trading pairs from January 23rd to February 1st.


And There's More!

In support of the competition, we're also airdropping KTOS to accounts, TIOx holders and liquidity pool participants.

You can trade KTOS exclusively on Exchange!

Exchange Accounts
75 KTOS per Exchange account

Liquidity Pool
1,000,000 KTOS distributed proportionally between liquidity pool participants.

Non-exchange wallets
100,000 KTOS distributed evenly between all wallets holding 2,500 TIOx or more.

Snapshots are taking place at approximately 3pm GMT on January 22nd.
Be sure to stay tuned for lots more prizes coming your way soon!
Purchase Crypto With Your Credit Card

Finally, a no-hassle way to buy your favorite cryptos.
We know how difficult it can be to access the crypto market. As of today, we are thrilled to announce that you can buy cryptocurrencies on the Exchange, by credit or debit card.

CEO William, B., Heyn, said about this offering:
"It’s no secret that newcomers to crypto are hindered by complicated onboarding processes; we endeavor to reduce barriers and responsibly provide access to the crypto world"
#10 Announces Token Buyback Program is pleased to announce a token buyback program that authorizes the Company to repurchase up to 2,500,000 TIOx on the open market or through privately negotiated transactions.

CEO Bill Heyn:

"The ongoing market downturn has, unfortunately, begun to create casualties among the world’s crypto exchanges. However, at we have been prudent with our resources; our balance sheet, cash flow and growth prospects remain strong. Our current position allows us to not only weather the storm but also invest where we see opportunity. We adamantly believe that’s long-term potential is not adequately reflected in the current market price of TIOx."

We feel this token repurchase program underscores the utmost confidence we have in the future of and further serves to align Company interests with those of our faithful TIOnauts.

The buyback program will be financed through free cash flow and any TIOx purchased as part of this program will be held as treasury tokens. The timing and price of any TIOx that are repurchased under this program will be determined solely by’s management at its own discretion based on its evaluation of market conditions and other factors. The buyback program may be suspended or discontinued at any time.