To have good rankings what elements?

Hello friends. I come from Vietnam, today I want to exchange with you about the seo for a website, ask you a question that is "to have good rankings what elements?" And is baclink important?
Here are a couple of that can influence your site positioning:

1. Viability: would users be able to accomplish their targets when they arrive on your site? e.g. Would they be able to discover the data they require, arrange the items they want, or contact the organization for client benefit?

2. Proficiency: adding to adequacy is effectiveness. Other than having the capacity to accomplish a target, how rapidly can a client finish an undertaking? On the off chance that guests can't discover what they require adequately and proficiently on your site, will probably explore away. The shorter time they spend on your site may negatively affect the SEO positioning.

3. Learnability: would users be able to figure out how to explore your site rapidly? Are the invitations to take action that are interactive predictable so guests know how to cooperate? At the point when guests invest excessively energy endeavoring to make sense of how to utilize your site, they're investing less tedious your data or taking a gander at your items. In addition, when they can't discover what they require, it's presumable that they will get disappointed, explore away and never return.

4. Memorability: would users be able to re-discover your site next time they go onto an internet searcher? Rehash movement can enable you to get a Google positioning lift. Guests may discover your site and after that explore away for various reasons. They may recollect it later and endeavor to scan for it once more. Is the catchphrase related with that specific pursuit sufficiently critical so they can discover your site once more?

5. Mistake Prevention: certain blunders on a site can influence client encounter as well as SEO positioning. e.g. A 404 Page Not Found blunder, a connection that says a certain something however shows something different, or a broken connection that is never again substantial.