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What is the
One Click Trading EA?
The One Click Trading EA is as simple as it sounds! You’re able to perform multifaceted trade operations with just the click of a mouse.
Placed directly within your MT4 terminal, you’ll automatically be shown trading levels, with trade commands clearly displayed. You can:
Create buy and sell orders at the push of a button.
Close all your positions – including hedges – in a single click.
View your profit and loss in pips.
Place stop losses and take profits in pips.
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What is a Bond?
In simple terms, a bond is an agreement between a borrower and a lender, where a borrower finances a project by issuing a bond. Bonds, also known as treasuries or securities, are generally issued by governments. The issuer of a bond, or the ‘borrower’, sets the interest rate which is then paid to the investor. At the maturity of this bond the investor is then paid back their initial investment.
Unlike stocks, there’s no central exchange to buy and sell bonds. The bond market is an ‘over-the-counter’ market, which is much bigger than the stock market! It’s also important to note that, as a trader, you aren’t directly buying or selling the bond, you’re simply speculating about how the bond will appreciate or depreciate in value over time.

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Trade Precious Metals

Buying and selling precious metals doesn’t require you to buy or sell the physical product. You’re simply speculating on the changes in price, just like you would with other financial derivatives.
Price drivers for precious metals, however, are inversely different to other types of financial instrument. Where stocks and shares may see a decrease in value following political unrest or war, precious metals see an influx of investment, driving their prices higher.
Factors that usually affect precious metal prices are supply and demand, national and global economic trends, inflation, USD strength, interest rates, government policy, technology and more.​
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What is an
Introducing Broker or IB?
Introducing Brokers (IBs) are companies or individuals across the globe who make money by introducing clients to Tickmill. In return for refering clients to Tickmill, our Introducing Brokers receive a commission.
Becoming an Introducing Broker can be the easiest method to increase your income, as there’s no cost to sign up. As an IB you can work from anywhere, even promoting your services through a website. You’re able to refer traders directly to Tickmill, guide them with the live account opening proccess and explain all the benefits of being a Tickmill Client.
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