There is no such business

There is no such business or work in the world that can make you rich easily except you born rich or win a lottery. Forex trading involves emotions as there is profit and loss. The problem is most traders ignore the psychological aspect of the traders even they know about it. They do not work on to develop their trading psychology. They run after strategy. Everyday they look for a new 100% profitable strategy. Try to know the business first then you will get success.
Forex is the most hyped-up business in the world. In this market, the daily investment is moe than $4 trillion and thus this is the largest money market in the world. It stands as a monument and broker should be chosen to trade in forex. ADVERTISING REMOVED
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Very true, none business can make you rich in few hours or moths, it takes times to develop strategy for any business which you learn when you are part of the business.