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Hello wealth team,
happy 2017.I am an investor and do not agree with you that your site hosted by Goldpoll is secure. PerfectBTC have been around since June 2016 you have not been voted as a paying HYIP. You have had 7 votes. and all is saying PerfectBTC is a scamme. Chevron funs too had only i vote. The bad statistics against your HYIP is very
bad and not encouraging for any careful investor to invest. It is obvious that as soon as large chunk of investment is made, the money is trapped and nerver released.
I have my money trapped in BTC deposit-$300, Btc business investment-$500, all promised hourly and few days plan, till date they have stolen the money and have refused to pay even after am due.
I am disappointed with Goldpoll as several bad votes by members(care campaign) are ignore and overlooked. This have so much encouraged scamm and fraudulent HYIP to smile to the bank- All of this HYIP are still carrying paying status.
Wealth team , go to your site and tell us why you had 7 confirmed bad votes on Perfect BTC, no Payment votes, and only a single vote on chevrun fund.
Tell investor here, after all i have explain,what is your justication for us to make investment in your programme.

Attention Goldpoll Admin:
Pls be kind enough to investigate confirmed bad votes to fulfilled the cares campaign mandate.Investors are talking
and are gradually loosing faith in you. My confirm bad votes have not been investigated after almost a month. this is really bad.
Please kindly rekindle our confidence in you as the no 1 HYIP monitor in this year 2017
wealth team,
My information is gotten from votes on your site by investors. I mean on the Gold poll investment sites you are hosted.. Go there and see the statistics of bad votes you have for Perfect BTc and chevron fund.