Thank you Jeff and Goldpoll team

I had a problem with I wanted to withdraw money from my account but the system told me that I put an invalid transaction code. I send numerous emails to the admin without sucess. I then rated bestbartergroup "very bad" on Goldpoll and gave my reasons.

Within minutes I received an email from Goldpoll which they promised to help me. Jeff got hold of bestbartergroup admin and I was asked a few security questions. Today I'm a happy person because bestbartergroup gave me a new transaction code and I was able to withdraw.

Thank you very much Jeff and your team. I was just voicing out my frustration not knoing that you will help me for free.
Hi there,

I would like to ask how long it will take for the to make payment request by their investor? i've already asked to withdraw my money since last friday. but until today i've never receive my payment yet. Please advice me..