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TakeBux runs onBuxYa!

We are powered by BuxYa BETA, coded and hosted by OwnAPTC. As part of the BETA program, we have BuxYa devs at our disposal who can basically make us any feature we want.

The minimum amount you can request to cashout is $2. Every other cashout after that increases by $2 each time until it hits $10 where it will stay.

We only use two payment options. Paypal and AlertPay.

All payments to you are instant.

You will receive a $0.01 bonus on your first 4 clicks per day.
$0.005/ref click: this is another bonus being given out. On the first 4 ads your refs click each day, you get $0.005/ad

Free registration, thank you:

TAKEBUX - 10 Year License!!

just normal ptc with normal rate nothing wrong here i think
you can only have 5 direct ref here and this is not good and must rent ref to earn or even reach the min so iwill pass this one thanks
TakeBux now uses state of the art 256-bit Comodo PositiveSSL security.
Also, the Live Chat function of the site now works, so you can go and talk to other members.

Today I already received my first payment!
Now, you can request your cashout instantly. Whether you choose PayPal or AlertPay, you'll be getting your money in about 5 seconds.
Thursday and Friday the PTSU section will be fixed up.

Next payment received!