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Am not Admin. Qoute:
welcome to surfmaster, Auto surfing, Auto cashout, and Auto upgrade. We have have open 20 days, 92 members strong and counting. Join and advertise for free and earn earn big from surf.
Special promotion upgraded member. 5% commission paid at $5 when members make a request. Account paid 7% per one each ad pack upon expiry of 17 days. 6000 monthly bonus credits.
Free members get 5% commission paid $15 at request, and 2500 credits signup bonus. Promote 3 sites surf at 0.8 to 1 credits per unique refferal page view. Min payout = upgrade member = $5. $15 = free members by request. Payment processor = AP. Join here and start surfing immidiately. see you all there.
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Please sir i don't know my fault could you please help me out. Am not advertising, am only trying to discuss the new product. You can help me to edit the fault and move it back to discussion section. Thanks.


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You put your referral link inside of the message body, and you should know by now that it is allowed only in advertisement section of GoldenTalk.