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USD/SEK: review and forecast

Investors are waiting for increase of the FED rate. The deals to BUY seems most effective at the moment
The rates continue in the frames of the upward trend. Despite the fact that on the chart we can see signs of the trend reversal in the near future, it is unlikely to happen in the near future amid reducing geopolitical tensions and increasing demand for risky assets.
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USD / JPY Technical analysis

The pair was lost impulse.
Fed decision on interest rates was published yesterday, as expected, the rate was raised by 25 basis points to 2%. During the publication, we observed a sharp jump in the dollar on the chart.
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Holy apple winners

Dear friends!

The contest "Holy Apples" is over and we are happy to congratulate the winners! We thank all the participants and ask those who were unlucky this time to not be discouraged, because you never know where your luck is waiting for you.
Valuable prizes are already being prepared for sending to the winners' addresses.
Those wishing to win are invited to take part in our new competitions and promotions. Continue to trade, maybe it will be your turn soon to become a winner!

Thank you for choosing SuperForex!

Partnership program
We invite you to register in the SuperForex Affiliate Program and start receiving income from the involved traders. The purpose of this program is the joint and mutually beneficial promotion of our brand.
We offer the following conditions:

- Up to 75% commission - one of the highest commission levels on the market!
- Reliability of tracking of partner engagements
- 6-level referral program
- High conversion - about 30% of site visitors are registered and about 15% of them start trading.
- A convenient partner office that allows you to track clicks and trade with partner links in real time
- Availability of a partnership program manager

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Economic calendar

The economic market is influenced by a number of factors and indicators. To be aware of the Forex business, you need to know everything that is happening in the world. But do not be scared, because it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. To systematize all significant events for the economic world, there are special tools such as the trader's economic calendar.
The economic calendar from SuperForex is a tool that allows you to collect in one place all relevant economic news from around the world and display this news in a clear chronological order, with the corresponding importance indices.
Economic calendar -

BIG Update for the futures

We are happy to let you know that our catalog of futures available for trading has been updated! You can now find more instruments that you can take advantage of and employ in your strategies for making a profit.

Even though we are mostly known as a Forex brokerage company, and with over 300 currency pairs our Forex portfolio is quite diverse indeed, we also wanted to remind you that we offer lots of other interesting trading instruments. With SuperForex you can trade on crude oil, gasoline, even food!

An important distinction where it comes to profit is that with futures the profits are usually much greater than trading on currency pairs on the Forex market.

So hurry up and check our updated list of available futures!

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OPEC Meeting in Vienna

OPEC members are currently deciding whether to increase oil production.
To say that the past year has been interesting for traders following the price of crude oil would be an understatement. With prices down to record lows recently climbing to 3-year-highs, the past couple of years have been quite tumultuous for oil.
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Crypto Account
We would like to introduce you to our newest service: the Crypto trading account.

SuperForex Crypto accounts are aimed at customers who want to explore the highly dynamic cryptocurrency market. As you may have noticed, we offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies for trading, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin. Our Crypto account comes with the optimal conditions for traders who want to focus on making deals with such instruments.

Hurry up and join thousands of traders who are already working with the instrument of the future - cryptocurrencies! You can open a Crypto account here.

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New Round of Holy Apples Contest

We would like to invite you to join the second round of our Holy Apples competition where you can win many exciting prizes, including an iPhone X and a Xiaomi Mi A1. This time the contest will take place between June 28 and August 28.

All SuperForex customers are eligible to participate in this competition. You simply need to head over to the Holy Apples page in the Client’s Cabinet, then make a deposit of $100 or more and claim a ticket for the prize lottery. One ticket will be awarded to you for each $100, so if you make a deposit of, say, $600, you will have 6 six running in the raffle. The more you deposit, the greater your chances to be chosen as the winner!

Our prize pool for the contest includes three top-tier smartphones - an iPhone X (256 GB edition) and two Xiaomi Mi A1 models, as well as 10 branded t-shirts.

After the conclusion of the contest period, we would hold a public raffle with all tickets and choose the lucky winners at random in order to ensure maximum fairness and transparency. We would also reach all of our winners by email, so make sure you stay tuned!

We wish everyone good luck!
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China Getting Ready for War

The Asian country is warming relations with its neighbors while the US is busy alienating allies.
Over the past couple of months international news has been dominated by the trade dispute between the United States and China. The Asian country, known for its cheap labor, large market, and the ubiquitous label “Made in China”
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Bitcoin Mania

Do you want to test your trading abilities and win prizes without any investment? Then you should try our Bitcoin Mania contest!

Bitcoin Mania is a quick trading competition where you have to trade Bitcoin on a demo account that contains $300 of virtual currency. All participants trade for three days a week. The trader who has the biggest amount of profit at the end of the contest wins $50 to their real trading account as bonus funds. The competition is held every week, so you will have the chance to learn, improve, and try again.

This contest is open to all customers, regardless of the type of account you have. Even if you win a round of Bitcoin Mania, you can participate again.

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IB Camping

Take part in the annual gala event for the all partners of our company! This event will be held in Port Dickson, Malaysia. All participants will have the opportunity to listen to lectures by the best Malaysian marketers, learn something new about SuperForex and have a good time with great people. We want to acquaint our partners with the development trends in the sphere of digital marketing. The main goal of the event is to explore the technology of construction and the ways of achieving marketing communications and help you use the experience of building our company's marketing strategies for your work.

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CAD/JPY Fundamental Review & Forecast

There's a high probability of a rate increase by the Bank of Canada today. The deals to BUY seem the most effective in the near future.

The rates are in the mode of extremely high volatility due to multidirectional macroeconomic statistics, as well as tension because of the trade war. The market is still afraid of the development of trade war and reacts to any news.

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GBP/USD Technical Analysis

The pair is headed down.

Despite the macroeconomic data released on Wednesday from the US, we are currently seeing that the dollar index has stopped its decline and is trying to win back the positions lost earlier.

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Trade Wars: European Edition

What could the consequences be if the United States takes its argument with the EU any further?

With the United States and China being number 1 and number 2 of the world’s biggest economies respectively, much of the trade war discourse has focused on those two countries.

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Result of FIFA contest in Facebook

The 2018 FIFA World Cup came to an end and together with it our competition organized for our Facebook subscribers. We also want to congratulate the France on winning!

The prize fund of the contest was not limited, but depended only on the number of correct predictions, which significantly spurred the interest of the participants.

More than 500 traders participated in different stages of the competition. Each of them tried to correctly guess the score of a football match and get their prize. For the entire duration of the contest more than 60 people received prizes and 13 of them won $100!

Congratulations to the winners! Cash prizes have been credited to winners' accounts and they have already started trading.

To all the rest - thank you for participating! SuperForex is preparing for you a new interesting contest, so stay tuned if you don't want to miss the announcement.

Win, trade, and earn with SuperForex!

SuperForex Contests:

Result of seminar in Kuala Lumpur

On July 15 our company held a seminar for traders in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The aim of the seminar was to provide knowledge about the Forex market, which allows all traders to make a profit as quickly as possible. Many people visited our event.

This seminar was a great opportunity to learn about Forex and international markets. All visitors got acquainted with a simple trading strategy.

As is our custom, we ended this event with a lottery of prizes.

We sincerely hope to see you at our next event in Kuala Lumpur where you would be able to expand your trading knowledge further and win more prizes.

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USD/SEK: Short Review and Forecast

The USD has good perspectives for further growth. The deals to BUY seem the most effective in the medium term.

The rates continue within the upward trend. It has recovered to the level of the beginning of 2017, in a high volatility mode. Over the past 15 months the value of USD has changed from 8.37 to 9.02 SEK. At the moment we can see a slowdown in the economic growth of the EU amid a soft monetary policy.

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Exotic pairs

We are pleased to inform you that now you can use new exotic pairs for trading. These include:





Many of our customers prefer to trade precisely with these tools, as they are attracted by the high volatility of the trends and the good predictability of these pairs.

These currency pairs are a great option for experimenting with Forex trading. Sometimes they yield excellent results and allow you to earn a great amount of profit.

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