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Results of seminars
On March 10 we held a seminar in Kuala Lumpur.

During this event traders had the opportunity to see Mohd Fareez present on various useful topics.
The seminar was attended by a big group of people, who all helped make this event more dynamic by bringing their questions and their own perspective to the discussion. As usual, we also rewarded some of the attendees with money certificates drawn in a raffle. We would like to congratulate our winners once more!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this event. We hope that you found this seminar helpful and learned something that will help you improve your profit-making strategy in the future, as well as that you made new contacts in your local Forex community.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events - we hope to see you again!
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USD/MXN: Fundamental Review & Forecast

The USD which was under negative political factors can strengthen soon with new statistics. The deals to BUY seem effective at the moment.
Since January the MXN value has stabilized and is changing against the USD in a strictly defined range of 18,507 - 18,993 MXN. On the chart we can see a stable flat trend. The MXN remains under pressure due to the protectionist policies of Donald Trump and the situation in the economy of Mexico, which is not so perfect to positively affect the value of the MXN.
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Where Is Oil Headed in 2018?
Will oil prices continue to increase this year or would their growth be stalled by the increasing production in the US?
The situation on the oil market has been very dramatic in the last few years. After a prolonged period of record high oil prices, the market crashed due to oversupply in 2015, with major price drops well into 2016. OPEC took steps to contain the crisis by agreeing to cut down their production by 1.8 million barrels per day in order to alleviate the oversupply and allow prices to grow naturally, and were joined in this effort by a few non-OPEC states, such as Russia.
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Result of seminar
Our company continued to hold seminars in major Malaysian cities to promote Forex trading.

We held a free seminar on the topic of How to Become a SuperForex IB in Johor Bahru on March 17, 2018. This event was attended by many existing and potential traders, as well as partners of SuperForex. All participants had the chance to learn about the advantages of working on the foreign exchange market with our company.

According to the feedback of our partners, the seminar was not only timely, but also quite informative, which enabled them to learn the many subtleties and nuances of the work. Evidence that the workshop was productive was the active discussion of technical issues.
Also a lucky draw lottery was held among the participants, and the winner was given a wrist watch.

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GOLD (XAU/USD): Short Review and Forecast

The FED is likely to change the rate today. So the deals to SELL seem most effective at the moment.
At the moment the US dollar is stable, which is reflected on the value of Gold. The rates consolidated within the flat trend starting from January. At the same time, there are signs of movement of the rates down to the support line, as the demand for safe assets decreased this month. If investors want to invest in the “safe assets”, they prefer a strong Japanese yen, as the most promising and stable currency to date.
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Forex Copy

The best way to earn in Forex market is to copy the transactions of the most successful traders. You need only a few clicks and you will receive trading signals from selected professional traders! There is no need to study all the subtleties of trading on Forex and are afraid of losing the entire deposit. Copy the deal today and immediately make a profit.

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Trump Adds More Tariffs

The US plans to hit China hard with new tariffs, which has shocked the global markets once again.
Just weeks after Trump’s rather spontaneous announcement that his administration will be imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, a decision that has been a hot topic ever since as many experts and politicians seem to disapprove of, earlier today he announced new tariffs, this time specifically targeting China.
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Social Responsibility

For us, charity is a part of a comprehensive corporate responsibility strategy. In the implementation of charitable programs for us is important the systemic (long-term relationships with beneficiaries of programs, consistency in solving their problems) and maximum involvement of company employees. This leads to team building, increasing the loyalty of employees. According to the results of internal surveys, 85% of employees are proud to work in a socially responsible company, 94% define charity programs as "important" or "very important." Read more about our charity programs on this page:
We allow our clients to trade on CFDs for cryptocurrencies. A CFD contract allows you to earn on the changes in the price of a Bitcoin (BTC/USD), Litecoin (LTC/USD) and Etherium (ETH/USD) without a cryptowallet or buying them. If the price of the cryptocurrency has increased, the buyer will receive a difference in the price from the seller. If the price has decreased - the seller will receive a price difference from the buyer.

You can earn at any direction of the price, both with a rise in value, and with a drop in the exchange rate. Any change in price is a prerequisite for earning, so in every situation you can make a profit. Earn on Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium trading with SuperForex right now!

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Russia Strikes Back
Russia is taking action against Western countries in light of Skripal scandal.
Back on March 4 news broke out that an ex-Russian spy turned double agent and his daughter were found poisoned in the United Kingdom. This gruesome news led to speculations that Russia itself was responsible for the attack, especially because the United Kingdom insists that the cause of Sergei Skripal’s critical condition was the use of a nerve agent called Novichok which was developed by Soviet scientists.
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Result of seminars

On March 31 our company held a seminar in Kota Bharu

Our trading seminar was visited by 40 people. This event was suitable both for newcomers to Forex and experienced traders alike. All attendees had the opportunity to see Wan Mohd Saiful Idham and Mohd Azlin talk about their trading strategies and other Forex-related topics which could help improve the results of trading.

We discussed following topics there:

The basics of Forex trading, technical analysis & the simplest, most efficient technique of profit-making.
How to develop your trading account using Teknik 2 Jiwa.
How to enter & exit the market with minimum losses & still be profitable.
Risk management advice.
As usual, we completed this event with a Lucky Draw Lottery with valuable prizes.

We sincerely hope to see you at our next event where you would be able to expand your trading knowledge further and win more prizes.

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EUR/SGD: Short Review and Forecast
The EUR has already achieved the highest level since Dec 2014 and may grow further. The deals to BUY seem the most effective at the moment.
The rates continue in the frames of an uptrend. The value of the EUR against the SGD reached its highest level since December 2014. Compared to last year, the EUR is devoid of the political risks that it had due to elections in the leading EU countries.
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All-Out Tariff War

The latest developments in the trade war between the United States and China.
Without a doubt all market-related news in the past two weeks has been dominated by one topic: the tariff war that US President Donald Trump started. While this began with uncertainty – from a mere promise towards a proposal that was full of exemptions for many countries, i.e. a plan with a limited impact, now Trump’s idea has become reality.
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Result of seminars
We are happy to inform that another seminar was held in Pasir Gudang. Mohd Faizol Snin and Mohd Yusof Alias led a discussion about the special HHLL Technics, the tools that can help improve your trading strategy, so that it brings a stable income from working on the financial markets. Our speakers also demonstrated how to work with indicators of market sentiment.

We want to thank everyone who took part in this meeting: the guests of the conference for the good atmosphere, interesting questions and activities, and our partners for their assistance in holding the conference. See you soon!

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Swap-Free Account
Occasionally we get a question from some of our Muslim customers - does the Sharia Law prohibit trading on the Forex market or not?

In order to provide equal opportunities for religious customers, we specifically created a Swap-Free (Islamic) account that allows traders to carry out operations on the Foreign Exchange market with a variety of trading instruments in the absence of a swap (interest) and a commission to transfer the open positions overnight.

Advantages of the Islamic Account
- No time constraints.
- Lack of any interest.
- Absence of additional commissions and fines.

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Conflict in Syria Worsens

Global powers are considering taking military action in Syria after a gas attack on civilians last week.
Has the time come for serious military action in Syria? The civil war in the Middle Eastern country has been going on for seven years now, with a conflict between the government of Bashar al-Assad and civilian opposition.
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New conditions for MLP Program
In order to improve your experience of doing business with SuperForex, we have updated the conditions of our popular Multi-level Partnership Program to make it more competitive and beneficial for everyone.

In the past, the program was fixed to five levels of partners, with limitations on how many levels one can recruit. For example, if you were a level 1 partner, you could benefit from levels 2, 3, 4, and 5, but if you were a level 3, then you only benefited from levels 4 and 5, with level 5 being incapable of attracting partners of their own. This is no longer the case.

The new and improved MLP allows each partner, regardless of what level they are at, to develop their own network of up to 5 levels. This means that even a partner on level 5 could develop a network of four more levels of sub-partners. We believe that this measure would allow for a much greater expansion of each trader’s affiliate partnership group and would make everyone more profitable. Each partner will earn commission from all four levels beneath them.

We hope to welcome you in our Multi-level Partnership Program soon!

For more details on how commission is calculated on each level, please consult this page -