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An Update on Brexit

How are Brexit negotiations going in 2018?

While economic news lately have been dominated by topics pertaining to the American dollar and stock market, as well as the monetary policies of the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan, one very important event deserves to be brought back into the spotlight: Brexit.

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Dynamic Bonus

At present, Forex bonuses are gaining new, solid dimensions literally every month. A few hundred dollars or euros for a bonus will not surprise anyone. However, rewards given just for registration are good, but not efficient enough. We are more interested in supporting successful customers who are on a continued path to profits.

Therefore, our company provides a tradable and withdrawable Dynamic bonus of up to $250 per account for our most active clients. Read more:

Cryptocurrency trading

The successful trading of any assets has one formula: buy cheap, sell expensive. Cryptocurrencies are no exception to this rule.

If you ask Google how to buy bitcoin, the results will include a million ways, exchangers, sellers, and even scammers. In fact, up to 90% of the search results will lead to fraudulent schemes.

SuperForex, on the other hand, can give you a safe way to take part in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading: we offer you the most transparent and honest way to trade cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Liteсoin and Ethereum) around the clock, on favorable terms that are not available on any exchange.

When trading with SuperForex, the trader does not acquire the currency itself, but instead speculates on price changes, which gives you a greater flexibility in your trading strategy.

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NZD/JPY: Review and Forecast

The JPY is strengthening against most currencies. The deals to SELL seem most effective in the middle term.

The Japanese yen recently received significant support due to an increase in the demand for safe assets and economic growth in Japan. The yen has strengthened against most currencies. The NZD/JPY currency pair is no exception. After a long uptrend now a new trend has been formed in favor of the JPY.

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Our company has a solid business reputation and image, which is recognized by consumers and competitors. How did we achieve this? One of the most important elements in our strategy is corporate style, especially when it comes to our variety of unique promotional products. We believe advertising and souvenir products are a great way to express yourself and make your business partners, colleagues, customers, etc. pleased.

To do this, we invite you to get acquainted with our promotional products here:

Global Inflation

This week provided many inflation reports, but what do they mean?

We have mentioned this several times within our previous articles, but today we thought it would be a good idea to look into inflation – the single most important determinant on the financial markets this year.

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Lunar New Year Bonus

Celebrate Lunar New Year with SuperForex! We have prepared a special offer for you to honor the holiday - our brand-new Lunar New Year Bonus.

This limited-time bonus will be available for everyone who makes a deposit between $100 and $1000 in the period from February 16 until February 23. The bonus amount is 100% of your deposit, i.e. it would double the amount you deposit.

As is the rule with most of our bonuses, the bonus funds are not withdrawable and are intended to be used for trading until March 2. On the plus side, you can withdraw the profit earned from trading with the bonus.

To claim the bonus, please contact our support team after you’ve made a deposit.

Please note that the bonus will be issued to only one account per customer, i.e. if you have multiple accounts, you can only receive the bonus on one of them.

Claim this bonus in your cabinet:

120% Hot Bonus

Our company offers the best offer for the more successful work of traders.

You can get the "Hot Bonus" from our company when replenishing your account. This bonus will help increase your deposit by 120%.

Such bonuses are an excellent opportunity to increase your capital for trading, and this one offers a much larger potential profit.

Take advantage of our unique offer!

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Oil (CL/WTI): Review & Forecast for the Near Future

There are a number of factors that support the oil but the short deals seem more effective due to the constant increasing of oil extraction volumes in the USA that negatively impacts the rates.

Oil is above $60 per barrel, after two weeks of the price falling to $58.5

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Deposit Protection

Our deposit protection program was created to facilitate trust between our company and our customers by creating a mechanism that ensures the protection of customer deposits.
The main goal of this program is to provide a safe trading environment, including ensuring public confidence in the company by paying a guarantee deposit refund in the form of bonus funds in case of a loss of more than 90% of your deposit funds. You can find more information about our deposit protection here:

What We Learned from the ECB Minutes

Are policy changes in store for the eurozone?

This week has certainly been turbulent for the euro. The single currency began the week by shedding some of its recent gains against the dollar and kept going as investors were preparing for this week’s big announcement: the minutes from the European Central Bank’s meeting from January 24.

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Forex Copy

There are many methods of alternative trading in the Forex currency market to date. One such method is copying the transactions of successful traders using special services. SuperForex's functionality for copying deals is an excellent way to earn quickly and effortlessly. This method is suitable for beginners who do not want to spend their own time studying specialized literature and analyzing the market. Read more:

Result of seminars

On February 24, our company held 2 seminars for all customers in Lumut and Kuantan, Malaysia.

The aim of the seminars was to improve the professional level of traders. More than 100 people took part in the events.

All visitors received advice on technical and fundamental analysis. Relevant topics were considered at the seminars in order to help customers start trading without losses. We also covered various SuperForex services that can help traders have an easier time and earn more from their deals.

As is our custom, we ended these events with a lottery of prizes.

We sincerely hope to see you at our next event where you would be able to expand your trading knowledge further and win more prizes.

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NZD/USD: Fundamental Review & Forecast

The NZD has decreased due to negative economic statistics and FED plans to raise the rate. The deals to buy seem more effective due to the probability of a price correction.

The uptrend has lost its intensity. On the chart we can see the formation of a new trend since January 2018, which is currently flat, but has a chance to transform into a downtrend in favor of the USD.

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SuperForex League

We want to remind you that only half a year remains before the World Cup in Russia. Therefore, hurry up and participate in our contest, so you can have the opportunity to win 2 tickets for the matches of the best national teams of the world!

Start earning extra rewards immediately by registering for our SuperForex League contest below. Your trades will now earn you footballs - the more of these you collect, the higher your chances are of getting an awesome prize. This game is compatible with live accounts of the type: Standard, Swap-Free (Islamic), or No Spread.

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Trump’s Metal Tariffs

President Trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminum exports, leaving the global markets in shock yesterday.

The markets are still reeling from a hasty announcement yesterday by President Donald Trump that as of next week they will be imposing tariffs on metal imports into the United States. The news is quite controversial and has sparked debates all over the world.

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Result of seminars

On March 3 our company held a seminar in Sungai Petani.

The purpose of this seminar was to improve traders' techniques for the GBP/JPY currency pair.

Traders from all over Kedah took part in the event. The seminar dealt with the analysis of this pair, considered special techniques, as well as the use of Bollinger Bands to achieve the best results in the process.

Visitors received the most current and exclusive information to date. All of that has been collected, structured and tested for seven years by Mohd Muslim Ab Hadi. We hope that all participants were able to learn and apply the knowledge gained.

You can find full photo report on our website.

Result of seminars

On March 3 our company held a seminar in the beautiful capital of Bangladesh - Dhaka.

A lot of people attended our seminar, which was held together with our partner, Mr. Haque.

All of our event participants got new knowledge about Forex, which would help them to become more profitable traders. We tried to cover the following topics:

- Working on the real market.
- Operating the MT4 platform.
- How to avoid beginners' mistakes.

We sincerely hope to see you at our next event where you would be able to expand your trading knowledge further and win more prizes.

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EUR/SGD: Fundamental Review & Forecast
The EUR is under pressure due to the results of elections in Italy. Short deals can be effective in the short term based on the price correction.

On the market we can see a situation where almost all major currencies are under the pressure of negative factors. The EUR at the moment again is coming under the influence of political factors. Despite the formation of a coalition in Germany, after lengthy negotiations, which means the preservation of Angela Merkel's position, the EUR fell in price due to the elections in Italy, where populist and right-wing parties significantly strengthened their positions.

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