squishy cash - rewards site with 5 levels referrals

Squishy Cash

Another reward rewards site but with extensive referral downline.

Earn with the usual methods:
Completing Offers
Shopping - cashback
Click ads
Loyalty radio
Post in forum
Promo cash codes

Unlike most reward sites the minimum age is just 13.

Payouts via PayPal, Skrill, Amazon. $15 minimum. (note the payout is free monthly - 1st of the month - you lose 33% if request next day payout on any other day of month).

Now here's the kicker compared to other rewards sites. They have learnt from ptc like clixsense etc that deeper referral downlines = a lot more effort to get referrals.

5 Tiers of referrals earnings: (though not on surveys, but still better than others offer)
25% on tier 1
5% on tier 2
2% on tier 3
1% on tier 4
1% on tier 5

Active referral bonus of $1 per 1st level referral completing an offer.

3 Tiers of referrals purchases: counts for upgrades, and ad credit purchases.
5% on tier 1
2% on tier 2
1% on tier 3

Squishy Cash