SerpClix - Earn money for searching with Firefox extension

SerpClix is a site where you can get paid to search on Google with the help of their extension for Firefox.
Webmasters can also buy clicks to increase their SERP CTR.

Steps to earn as a clicker:

1. Register as a Seller
2. Watch the explanation video inside the dashboard
3. Download and install the extension for Firefox
4. Login into the extension, a new tab will open
5. Click on any available order, another new tab with Google will open, type or copy/paste the keyword and search for the required URL. Once found click on it and stay for 60 seconds, you can click any links if you want except any ads or the back button of your browser. I repeat: DO NOT CLICK ON ADS. After 60 seconds the tab will close automatically.

Users from US, UK, CA, AU, DE can earn $0.10 per search.
Everyone else earns $0.05.
Do not use a VPN or proxy, else you get banned.

From referrals you can earn 10% for their first 3 months.

Minimum payout is $5 via PayPal, payments are sent automatically during the first week of the month for earnings accumulated during the previous month.

Link: SerpClix
There is an update to the extension.
It's button will say GO when the site you need to click is present on the current results page.
This is in addition to the already present feature of red highlighting the site you need to click.
There are more countries now getting paid $0.10 per search/click.

United Kingdom
United States

The rest gets paid $0.05 per search/click.