The Cryptocurrency world has had a year to remember in 2017 with what we can only describe as a rollercoaster ride that has seen wild surges, dramatic falls and quick rebounds, this industry is one that has no dull moments and is ever full of excitement. The industry as whole has shown considerable signs of maturity as it has been able to maintain its massive gains overall despite a lot of trying moments along the way. With gains of over 1000% overall, the cryptocurrency world can be said to have had a bountiful year.

Among the newest and most innovative cryptocurrencies that has come up late this year has been Santa Coin, which has come out giving those who came late to the Bitcoin party a second chance to also be part of the huge excitements and rewarding gestures of the industry. After making its debut in October, this new Bitcoin has had a pretty successful ICO where all its available tokens were sold and has shown incredible resilience so far in an industry that is known for crushing any rookie product that cannot stand competition. And as we round up 2017 in a few days, it is the industry watchers’ firm belief that 2018 will be Santa coin’s year of full arrival due to a number of reasons, some of which include:

Bitcoin Replacement Candidate

It is no secret nowadays in the cryptocurrency world that Bitcoin is making an irreversible retraction away from being a day to day transaction kind of cryptocurrency to being one that is best suited for being a store of value. With its massive surge this year, more and more Bitcoin holders are now reluctant to exchange it for any goods and services, and that’s not the only reason as its huge transaction fees coupled with the slow pace of the transaction themselves has been forcing businesses to withdraw from using it for their payments. This is where Santa Coin, a cryptocurrency that is built on the same basic infrastructure and code as Bitcoin, but one that that offers better transaction speeds and almost zero fees with them looks prime to takeover this great niche that Bitcoin is abandoning

Value Opportunity

With the same basic purposes and build with Bitcoin, Santa Coin represents a great opportunity for those who have missed the opportunity to grab on the Bitcoin golden opportunity when it was cheap. For those who are looking forward to getting their own cash cow in this industry, Santa Coin looks like a sound option. After all, No one thought Bitcoin would amount to anything when it was sold for less than $1 in its initial stage, but just look at things today.

A Sound Currency

Putting all the subjective opinions aside, there is no doubt that Santa Coin is a highly functional cryptocurrency, and one with very sound basis in its build. With a highly secure blockchain, a lightning fast transaction confirmation, and very cheap fees that come with using it, Santa Coin is a cryptocurrency that represents all that is perfect about this industry in its unbridled nature and form