- paid to survey

hayoomaa said:
the problem here that surveys is not available for all countries even international surveys is not worth and 1$ can be reachable or could talk long time to reach
indeed one of the pitfalls of international survey sites are state elections because not all countries can follow the survey, another constraint is the means of payment used to follow most of the survey sites use a Paypal account is the official means of payment so that members who do not have a Paypal account will not be able to join the site.
Rewardingways is a good site. They offer several payment methods such as payza, paypal, liberty reserve. You will get the most surveys and offers if you are from United States. I got minimun offer of $0.08.
I have some good experience with, It has paid me twice successfully. But at time I am finding myself less active now so my earning in not up to the standard. I am thinking to login everyday from now and watch the earning area.
No doubt a great website where you can earn daily.They pay their members 7 days a week.There are a lot of payment proofs on their site and the daily members are reaching close to 1 lac.
Hello EveryBody! Good news is that they are paying now through paypal, Payaza, Liberty Reserve and amazon gift cards.Well this is very true that they pay their members daily as seen on the main page.The site have paid a total of approximately $119,110, infact a huge amount.
I have been paid by them once to paypal. It was bare minimum of $1, and still it was hard ,because there aren't many offers for my country. At least you guys should know they are legit, and payout is processed in a day or two.
I too got to the one dollar mark, only because of the wide variety of tasks they get us to do. But with the offers, they are fairly limited. But I was never paid by them because apparently they detected that I was using a proxy, but I explained to them that I was connected through a shared network, so it had to be, and they understood the situation and said they would accept my explanation, but then randomly asked for my ID verification which I wasn't prepared to give away like that to some unknown site who knows what they will do to it.
I have an account there but i dont know how we can earn better from this website. I have tried my level best but not yet succeed thats why i quit working there.