Refereum - (Free 100 points + more with tasks)

Refereum is a platform that connects game developers with gamers, streamers, and viewers.
You can get paid in RFR tokens for watching video game streamers + other tasks.
Note: Currently, you get paid in points instead of RFR tokens, there is a competition ongoing, when it ends the points are converted to RFR tokens.
RFR is having an ICO on February 8, 2018.

Earn points from sharing:
100 Points for referring anyone connected to Twitch or Discord (and 20 points when they refer anyone) with your link.
200 Points for referring anyone to join our Telegram channel with your link.

Connecting accounts:
100 Points just by connecting Twitch.
100 Points just by connecting Discord.
100 Points by joining the Refereum Telegram Group.
25 Points by subscribing on Reddit.
25 Points by following Refereum on Twitter.
25 Points by following Refereum on Facebook.

Watching streams:
1 Point hourly when watching a streamer who joined Refereum and you're both connected to Twitch .
3 Points hourly for anyone watching your stream who joins Refereum and connects Twitch (if you have 5+ viewers).

Being the best:
10 Points hourly when you're on any leaderboard.

Link: Refereum
Link for the Telegram group: Here
Hype Week is back:
Battlefield Hype Week
Round 1

We're excited to finally reveal the game titles for Hype Week!

Tomorrow, compete in Round 1 of Hype Week and get to the top of the leaderboard by streaming the most hours of Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, OR Battlefield Hardline.

That's 3 games to choose from to pass Round 1 and qualify for Round 2. You'll love the prizes so keep an eye out when we reveal all the details tomorrow.

Make sure to check out the new rules on this page when the battle starts. Good luck, brave ones.