Read The Rules Before Investing:

The Rules ??? what rules being investing in HYIP.... There are not have A Rules....

The Should What we must To Know Is

How long The Program they Offer (25 days, 60 Days, 90 Days, 120 dyas, 150 Day's)
How Much The profit they Offer to The Investor ( 0.5%, 1%, 1.2%, 2%, 2.2%, 2.5%)
How they Calculated the profit in a a weeks ( 5 days business or 7 day calender in A week )
Are the Principle is returned after it Mature ( Yes Or No )

Just make It A simple ... It's is A World Of hYIP....


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We need to do a research first... for taking a good decision on wich hyips are we going to distribute our money... thats the key for success :thumbsup:

But also be heads up because some times is time to leave the hyip before is game over. :jitters:
Yeah it is important to go out at the right time , we should look at the red signs of the hyip like if it introduces a new plan where we earn more , or is beginning to advertise too much , then it will probably go down soon , and also looking at the comments of senior investor at the big forums like Tg.
so you are the owner of that forum right? Looks a good place although amount of members is a little low but I think you grow it. Your tips are really good specially helpful for new ones. :)
Yes, I am. I need to rebuild my forum to offer more attractive discussion place, but I will not promote my forum, because this place is for these who need it, I don`t have any profit from my forum :)


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well .i learned from other threads it's better to invest on right time and leave on right time . so investors can earn up to the most and lose to the least..but how to find the right time both?
Some golden rules before investing -
1. Prepare a storng trading plan.
2. Use latest trends and technology to prepare trading plans.
3. Always keep your eyes on each market movements.
4. Do market analysis before purchasing a stock of a company.
5. detachment is necessary.
Following a well disciplined trading practice while trading in market helps to sustain here on long term basis and earn better returns. Traders often do not follow rules in lust of making quick returns and ends by earning losses for themselves.
I totally agree with you.
We should follow some rules and regulations to be successful in anything.
But sometimes, these HYIPs can be unpredictable and we are totally depending on luck.