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I think maggie already invited enough people's to tick her 16 contracts lol!.Which why she no need to invite anymore people's she doesn't personally know?

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Qcoopers, more details

Qcoopers. some more explaination.
for those people who are still screaming "scam":

Listen up!

QCOOPERS, stands for Quatro Cooperative Retail service.
Qcoopers is a very special and exclusive project of the investment holding company Quatro
Group International Ltd.
The Qcoopers project has founded for an important reason: to stimulate the excisting
projects and launching new projects of the Quatro Group with a really good compenstation
included in the concept to the members of Qcoopers, which have registered for it.

Qcoopers is based on Tradeable Endowment Policies. TEP, it is like a life or capital
insurance (leaving money to others, but these are tradeable and redeemable. That is what
will happen within this project; the Endowment Contract (EC) will be redeemed.

How it works.
An EC which will be bought by the members of Quatro for only EUR 60,- admin fee per
contract. This single contract has a value of EUR 250.000,-. Just like a life- or
capital-insurance, which you will be paid by the insurancy company when you die. But...
The EC in the Qcoopers project are tradeable and will be redeemed by massive global hedge
funds involved in the project. The EC will be redeemed at 60% of the EC-value.

That means:
the hedge funds get paid EUR 250.000,- to the contract.
60% = EUR 150.000,- wiil be payed back to the involved parties by the Hedge funds.
as following:
EUR 80.000,- is the fee to redeem the EC from the insurancy companies
EUR 10.000,- commission to Quatro
EUR 60.000,- compensation to the Members (imagine You)

You will understand, that you as a member will get paid EUR 60.000,- for your registered
and signed EC. This money-compensation is get paid to you as following:
EUR 11.000,- direct cash EUR 36.000,- in terms of 12 months (EUR 3.000,- a month)
EUR 13.000,- in shares / participations of the Quatro projects

So, You will also understand that this is a very fantastic and brilliant concept to
stimulate the Quatro projects and launching new ones, which are rendering to you, of

The Qcoopers will launch 5 subscriptions (EPOD), all the same. And a member of Quatro has
the possibility to subscribe for 4 EC's per EPOD. Calculating to you: 4 EC's * EUR
60.000,- = EUR 240.000 (admin fee 4 * EUR 60,- = EUR 240,-) No further obligations!

5 EPOD's * EUR 240.000,- = EUR 1.200.000,- in a few years of time.

This is sharing values, which is the credo of the Quatro Group: rendering to you
rendering the projects
rendering to all the people involved to the Quatro projects.

I believe, you will have many questions about Qcoopers, launched by the investment
company Quatro. Sure, you want to know what Quatro really is.

Well, Take a look at the following websites for more information and some documents. Read
Quatro's vision and its goals settings.


Quatro membership fee: EUR 195.00 (Globe Wallet debit card included)
Qcoopers subscription: EUR 60.00 per contract

Do you need more information? Sure, you can have. Do not hesitate and feel free to
contact me, i will send to you fundamentally, really good documents about Quatro Group
International, its projects and the exclusive project Qcoopers.

e-mail: roos-dj@zonnet.nl
skype: roos-schaap

Warmest Regards,

D.J. Roos
The Netherlands


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Posting the same Ad all over this forum is called SPAM and SPAMMERS get banned.
Might be a good idea to read the forum rules and FAQs.


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Who knows why Maggie61 wanted to ask a refund when she wrote before that this is a truely working company...maybe the earning was this small that it was worth to request a refund :confused:
Well, i don't know Maggie61 personally, but it is quiet an easy question.
Payment by Card can not and will not be refunded by Quatro.
Quatro will never make any exception. That's out of discussion, all about Quatro's integrity. It is an individual choice to join, to sign up and to subscribe for QCoopers or investments or whatelse.
As example: if you are not satisfied about your new car after a month, your purchase will be returnable.

D.J. Roos
The Netherlands
The Quatro Conference in Manchester

Dear Friends,

I like to tell you the following:

Facts are, in reaction on above posts:
These are a few of some weird and false accusements to Quatro and/or Asle, spreaded out on the internet. There are NO FACTS of fraud today, neither in the past. If you still think there is......................
Show me the Condemnation by Justice of anyone from Quatro and I will quit!!

POSITIVE Quatro news: Report of The Conference........Read it now !
Weeks ago, in my latest post in here I have mentioned the Quatro Leadership Conference in Manchester, 2 – 4 July, indeed. But I am spending my time at forums at my convenience.

The Quatro Leadership Conference in Manchester.
I have attended this Conference together with my Quatro sponsor.

And this 3-day Quatro Conference was REALLY GREAT and SO EXCITING!!!!
For both of us: It was MUCH MORE than we ever expected before leaving to Manchester!!

I have had many personal conversations and have got much inside information:
I have spoken with Asle, members of the Quatro team, special guests, many Quatro members of who some of them are in the network from the beginning and having a very good relationship with Asle. Also members who told openly about their investment amounts (high) and already have withdrawn (much) with their Globe Wallet Debit Card or bank account.

I am absolutely IMPRESSED by this OVERWHELMING business.

So, I decided to write down my own experience and personal notes about the Conference with lots of new information and many details composited with my sponsor. I have already got so many enthusiastic messages which are also honourable to us. Maybe some of you already have read this letter, but it is very nice…

Click on the link below and download the letter; read it and you will be impressed.

Quatro Conference newsletter Manchester:

I have also made pictures of this 3-day Conference. Take a look, your are welcome at my Webalbum. Click below:

We went back to home from Manchester with incredibly good feelings about the Quatro business.

So, Do you want….. (sent me a PM)
Do you want some more information? Sure, you can.
Do you want to ask me questions? Sure, you may and I will answer.
Do you want to have a personal call with me? Sure, you can.
Do you want to visit the Quatro office? Sure, you’re welcome but by appointment only.
Do you want to have a serious conversation with Asle? I am sure he will make some time for you at his convenience.
Do you want to join Quatro? Sure, you’re welcome.

Do you still accuse Asle of fraud? I am really sure, he is willing to invite you at his office and to that He is willing to pay your flight/trip and hotel!!! Just like he has offered this to many people worldwide to have serious talks and to show that Quatroworldwide is a real business company. Unfortunately, nobody of them has shown any small piece of courage to meet Asle. So where are you?

If you still don’t understand this business today, you will tomorrow.
Or once a time you spot Quatro as a real business company in the nearer future!!
Quatro is the ongoing business and will not stop waiting for you.

Best Regards from The Netherlands,

D.J. Roos
Independant associate of Quatroworldwide


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I guess private plans are really for those that have lots of money in here. I think I could not afford this one but I think this is more believable than others.
Affordable or not.

It depends on your own financial situation and the level of an investments which can possibly be affordable to you.

The lowest step to invest in Quatro is the Green Rocket project. Investments in the Green Rocket by monthly installments including a membership, within the annual contract.!!
EUR 69.95 a month (12 times) by annual contract.

Click on the link below to have look at this great project and all details "how it works" and the "terms and conditions".


Return on your investment: Up to 60 % annually !

send me a PM, mailadress mentioned.

Best regards,

D.J. Roos