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Dear Quatro and QCoopers members!

Soon the third year of our history is finalized, with a wonderful growth in memberships, both by now the ordinary 8000 Quatro members but also close to 2000 QCoopers members have signed in to our family. We really have lived up to our slogan:


Our Quatro VGC Trading Pool is again gaining force, though transfers to Globewallet cards now takes longer time than planned due to all extra bonuses and profit payments the last three months, we are at a payment rate of approx Euro 70K a month and increasing.

Our Quatro Bio Oil investment has shown great results, just after 9 months after we started with shares inQUATREX, the investors have 30,05% rise in value PLUS 10% paid in dividend. Those whom earlier invested in bags of seeds will be offered to change their investments in to shares as well or get their dividend i June 2010 as planned.

Our Quatro E-banking and Quatro Card project has come a long way, still a lot is missing before we can launch, but these matters will be on our agenda beginning of January, when we will be in The Seychelles. Both for Quatro XQRADE Stock Exchange and Quatro Banking projects will there be made strategy and financial planes for.

We will also meet with government representatives, local and international investors, our local bankers and lawyer plus partners from New Zealand, Belize and USA will fly in for a Joint Venture project meeting as well. Involving insurance and financial services.

Our Quatro QCoopers project, which now is on the agenda for our JV partners coming to The Seychelles, has been an interesting and demanding project to start with this year. This project will be continued as planned, even we will change some partners and by doing so improve the total project a lot, after the planes is laid in The Seychelles, and continue to be a part of our activities the coming years.

Our Quatro Medicare program will be changed during beginning of next year with 7 more products additional to the two existing products. Also the Quatro eQgel products will be ready before summer next year and the entire Medicare profile will be a larger part of our activities. We are present also in negotiations with two nutritionist and medical companies for lancing brand new products in to the world market for genuine ecological nature based products.

Our Quatro Forex & Trading will be part of planned activities from spring of, the first dividend will be paid week three in January, with an average profit of 8,23% a month in the few test months we have run. We will as well early next year sign another Joint Venture agreement with a US based company, also taking part in the Seychelles meetings, and we hope to launch this as soon as possible.

Also opening our new office in Manchester will take place in the beginning of January, which will improve our services as support, we will work closer with our "Green Business" partners and the new Quatro card with E-wallet will also be implemented by our partners as well. So the New Year will bring to our member a Quatro with a clear social and environmental profile, opening our Quatro Q-3A academy program in Mars.

2010 will be a special year in our history, as 2009 has been, but with the spirit and loyal members who now are working close with us we know this will be a magical year where every member will prevail.

Thank you for all of your efforts and support in 2009, thank you for your cooperation and understanding in troublesome times and thank you for making Quatro to the organization it is today. We wish you, your family and your friends a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Our warmest regards from
The Quatro Management

Quatro Worldwide | Quatro

Below the sign-up procedure for Quatro.

Some advice........

Depending of how much you can afford to invest in the moment this priority will be the best for you:

1. min. basic member in Quatro - EUR 195

2. Joining QCOOPERS with 4 contracts - EUR 240.

3. STARTER or higher member level in Quatro. The investment levels you can see below - If you choose STARTER or higher member level you can buy member shares (VGC) in Quatro for min. EUR 310, which you can trade later - or for min. EUR 480 you can invest in Bio-Oil shares. Attached files explaining more about VGC and Bio-Oil.

Quatro - Sign-up procedure

Your first part:

1. Login to ............. [ PM me to send you ] com

Type the sponsors ID# [ PM me to send you ] and email address: [ PM me to send you ]

and continue

2. Fill in the formula. Choose a Username and use this Username as password too. (You can change the password later if/when you don't need my or my uplines help anymore)

3. Tick the "I have read.... CONTINUE

4. Fill in payment formula (€ 195) for the MEMBER KIT - SUBMIT Payment

5. Send an E-mail to: [ PM me to send you ] when your part is done, and write which member level you want and my upline will place you in the Network structure.

Member investment levels:

STARTER: the payment for upgrade and investment € 300, and finance costs € 10 - total sum of € 310

BUILDER: the payment for upgrade and investment € 900, and finance costs € 30 - total sum of € 930

INVESTOR: the payment for upgrade and investment € 2700 and finance costs € 85 - total sum of € 2785

MANAGER: the payment for upgrade and investment € 7400 and finance costs € 296 - total sum of € 7696

Warm Regards,
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Those of you who are interested to register in QUATRO and QCOOPERS, please PM me mentioning your email address.

I will then forward you the necessary documents, with information and

the procedure how to register.

Thank you,

QUATRO's CEO latest update:

The Quatro office is closed December 23rd till January 4th, with all staff inclusive, so no support will be answered in this period.

The downline weaver, the new one also for customers as QCoopers members, will be updated middle of January, that is the schedule we have.

As I wrote in my Christmas news letter we are coming with a brand new and updated website beginning of March, other improvements as support and member service will be accordingly in the same time track as this, when we are installed in Manchester.

Wishing you a good day





When you wish to purchase your contract as a Non-member of Quatro:

Log on to

Click on the Blue cloud shaped Qcoopers Sign up button.
Enter your Sponsors ID number [ PM me to send you ] and your Sponsors e-mail address: [ PM me ]

Log In
¤ Click Non-member ( max 1 Single Contract 60 EUR )
¤ Tick Yes, I accept and Continue

Fill out the form:

First box: you can't fill out (your ID number) because you do not have an ID number yourself.

Next box: Fill out your sponsor's ID number [ PM me to send you ]
Please specify the contract you wish to purchase: You can only buy a SINGLE €60

First Name: Write First name as it appear on the ID you want to use (Passport or Driver License)

Last Name: Write Last name as it appear on your ID (middle names you can write either in First or Last name box)

E-mail: If you have more than one choose the E-mail address you would like to use also for Quatro-signup later.
Pay by card
Fill out the payment form
Submit payment
You will receive an e-mail confirming your transaction.
And at last, please send me an e-mail when you are finished, so I can keep you informed about the progress.

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Thank you for your co-operation.
this program do not pay ...friend of mine haw invested money month's ago ...and no money....suport did not answer his massage .....
mbra17 said:
this program do not pay ...friend of mine haw invested money month's ago ...and no money....suport did not answer his massage .....
I will ask their CEO and inform you of his answer asap.

Quatro - proof of payment from my upline

mbra17 said:
this program do not pay ...friend of mine haw invested money month's ago ...and no money....suport did not answer his massage .....

It is NOT scam >>

this is nonsense - my upline has been paid bonuses and dividend all the time.

Screenshot from the bonus and dividend payment in the periode oct.28 - dec.25 below show 1539.34 QC equal 1539.39 EUR


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VGC Trading Pool Last updated 17:53:59 UTC

ID -102838
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QC account 1539.34 QC
Autobuy 634.16 QC

Available QC 1539.34 QC
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Trading Market

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113 50457 0.50
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2009-10-28 10:29 14.00 QC 2009-10-28
2009-11-03 15:15 121.44 QC 2009-11-03
2009-11-06 17:24 32.40 QC 2009-11-06
2009-11-10 17:48 337.20 QC 2009-11-10
2009-11-13 16:55 14.40 QC 2009-11-13
2009-11-18 10:28 14.40 QC 2009-11-18
2009-11-20 10:18 10.80 QC 2009-11-20
2009-11-13 13:00 9.60 QC 2009-11-20
2009-11-27 10:34 8.80 QC 2009-11-27
2009-12-01 14:23 9.60 QC 2009-12-01
2009-12-08 11:41 9.60 QC 2009-12-08
2009-12-11 15:06 14.60 QC 2009-12-11
2009-12-15 09:48 4.80 QC 2009-12-15
2009-12-18 10:10 9.36 QC 2009-12-18
2009-12-18 10:38 11.00 QC 2009-12-18
2009-12-23 12:45 2.80 QC 2009-12-23
2009-12-25 13:00 9.36 QC 2010-01-01

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My personal comment, the Paid proof on the website, can't be fully trusted. Must be in the forum, and posted by good forum members..
All Admin can make fake paying proof. It is very easy..
luke1 said:
My personal comment, the Paid proof on the website, can't be fully trusted. Must be in the forum, and posted by good forum members..
All Admin can make fake paying proof. It is very easy..
I am NOT Admin. I am a forum member. I am a test engineer and an internet marketer for five years. Email me if you like, I can send you my blogs to see my work.

My upline sent this paying proof to me.

standart said:
Whether these program like MLM? because I see you discuss about upline and downline.

Yes but not paying ...my two friends did not get money for two months....bad... :jitters: :jitters: :jitters: :jitters:
My Quatro announcement


Please note that as of today, I will NOT promote the Quatro business anymore due to problems caused by its Management.

Those of you who want to know "why", you may PM me or email me.

Thank you,

Quatro still exists...

NO, Quatro still exists and does business as a company in all its sectors.

They are restarting the QCoopers project.

Those of you who want information why I left, email me.

maggie61 said:

I will not reply anymore to any queries about Quatro business.

I am NOT promoting it anymore.

As i say ...just a virtual fog.....and this fog will b e gone too ....admin take action....

Sory to all....but this is the truth.....game over...
mbra17 said:
As i say ...just a virtual fog.....and this fog will b e gone too ....admin take action....

Sory to all....but this is the truth.....game over...

I think maggie already invited enough people's to tick her 16 contracts lol!.Which why she no need to invite anymore people's she doesn't personally know?
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