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Quanteq has developed world-class A.I.-based trading strategies that have outperformed global markets since 2012 and is proud to present innovative strategies which are accessible to our investors. Investors can make deposits in plans which will provide them a profit based on our research and development. All this is supported by a team of 9 Quants and Investment Professionals
Up to 5% hourly Forever
13.5% hourly for 10 hours
180% after 1 day
625% after 3 days
1300% after 7 days
2750% after 10 days
Our Insvest: 105$
Deposit Min: 1$
Lifetime: 1 Day (25-04-2019)
Withdraw Min: 0.1$
Monitored: 12 Hours
type: Instant
Referral: 7% - 1%
Offer RCB: 80%

my deposit
17:24 24.04.19Transfer257292496Sent Payment 5.00 USD to account U20465246. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to QUANTEQ INVESTMENT User fathermonitor.

link: https://quanteq.io/?ref=fathermonitor
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MANUAL Payments
17:16 25.04.19Receive257450405Received Payment 0.3 USD from account U20465246. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to fathermonitor from QUANTEQ INVESTMENT.

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