PTCShare - Hybrid PTC/Revenue Share

PTCShare is a hybrid between PTC and Revenue Share.
It has the same owners as PaidVerts / MyTrafficValue (online since 2014 and 2011, respectively).

During prelaunch you can only register and promote.
It's scheduled to launch in early June.

A few details available right now:
Bulk Ad Packs can be bought for $1 and you will get 118% potential return in Bonus Ad Points.
Referral commission is 7% on ALL ad sales.
Referral commission is 3% for clicks.

Link: PTCShare
Hello and welcome to PtcShare, the brand new upcoming project of My Traffic Value/

Let us inform you a little about what we have coming for you. PtcShare is going to be a hybrid of a paid to click and a revenue sharing website. In many ways it will be similar to Paidverts, but far easier to understand. “Ease of use” is our main objective for PtcShare, for both the advertiser and the earner.

Advertisers will have the possibility to advertise on PTCshare without having to go through 9 different options, such as on Paidverts. You select whichever delivery method you desire and we do all the complicated stuff regarding the pre-selection of our products. We’re making it a fast and pain-free method for every advertiser, both new and experienced. We expect to have a ton of traffic during the early phase of the project, which means the advertising methods will almost surely be undervalued for the results they bring!

For the user we’re making things extremely simple and as financially attractive as we possibly can. Users will have a wide variety of earning methods, all neatly portrayed and explained. Users will be able to earn by watching ads, playing games, fulfilling offers/tasks on the offer walls and by sharing in the profitability of the website by buying bulk ads.

But that’s not all! PTCshare intends to add many more earning methods, methods which haven’t been seen before in Paidverts just yet.

We are launching in June and will have a 7 day countdown when we’re certain we can offer you a great experience. Right now is probably the best time to prepare for the launch and build your downline.

Get ready for the biggest launch of 2019!

The PTCshare team
The launch will be in 7 days from now.

Also, all new registered members will receive +100 Bonus Ad Points in their balance as a Welcome Bonus.

The moment is almost here... The moment PTCshare is launching!

PTCshare will support Payeer, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, Litecoin and Bitcoin as payment and withdrawal methods.
We will give you a few days to get your funds sorted in order to take part in our first ad issue on Monday, June 17th.

Ad issues are the most profitable feature of PTCshare.
It means you will get a number of ads sent to you, which make up for the biggest part of your daily income.

Ad issues happen 5x a week. (Monday-Friday) In order to be part of a higher group and receive higher valued ads, you need to purchase a number of “bulk ads”. In order to learn about the bulk ad group-system, pay close attention to the PTCshare Facebook page tomorrow. We will release a scheme with the specifics.

We wish you all the best and we hope you’ll be with us for many years to come!

Get ready for the biggest launch of 2019!

The PTCshare team

And it launched!
The first regular distribution of ads (ad issue) will start on Monday.
The more BAP you have, the higher your BAP group = higher valued ads you will get (they consume BAP).
Bulk ads ($1 each) is the only advertising option giving 2360 BAP.
1 BAP is the equivalent to $0.0005

BAP Group 1 ........ 1600 to 12000 BAP
BAP Group 2 ........ 12000 to 24000 BAP
BAP Group 3 ........ 24k to 48k BAP
BAP Group 4 ........ 48k to 96k BAP
BAP Group 5 ........ 96k to 180k BAP
BAP Group 6 ........ 180k to 360k BAP
BAP Group 7 ........ 360k to 720k BAP
BAP Group 8 ........ 720k to 1.5m BAP
BAP Group 9 ........ 1.5m to 3m BAP
BAP Group 10 ....... 3m to 6m BAP
BAP Group 11 ....... 6m to 20m BAP
BAP Group 12 ....... 20,000,000+ BAP

Lots of high value ads to click.
Get 100 BAP free when you sign up!

I bought 100 Bulk Ads and I'm in BAP Group 6.
There were 385 ads today for a total of $3.837, the biggest single ad being $1.974

Ads Recycling
All paid ads consume BAP and expire/get recycled in 18 hours after they're issued.
Make sure to check everyday for available ads.
The number of ads vary day by day, most of them have a timer of only 5 seconds and only a few 15 or 30 seconds.
Sort your ads by time
Click your username in the right side of the dashboard, then click on "Account Data", then below "Ads order" click "Sort by time asc".
The ads will now be sorted by the least time they have before expiring.
Ad Filter
With it you can block ads below a certain value you set.
Cost: $10 for lifetime.
Useful if you have a lot of BAPs (hundreds of thousands) in order to justify it's cost.
Recycler Upgrade
For $0.05 you get the option of receiving a part of all the ads that expire/get recycled from other users.
The upgrade expires after delivering at least $1+ worth of recycled ads.
The amount of ads received can vary and could amount to up to 2000 ads.
Only buy it if you have enough time to click and enough BAP (minimum 2500).
Even better in combination with the Ad Filter.
Click on "APS" below main menu and see all the milestones you can complete.
You will receive achievement points that help you advance throught ranks (Top 1%, 5%, 50% etc.).
Based on your rank you can receive extra paid ads from the Achievement Ad Issue.
Check Daily Ad Issue Stats
Inside dashboard you can find at the bottom the Recent Daily Ad Issue Stats.
You can see the date and value of it.
The date is clickable and will take you to a detailed view of BAP groups ad issue, Referrals ad issue and Achievement ad issue.

On Friday there will be a "Mega Ad Issue".

Super User Upgrades
Saturday 0:00 GMT you will no longer be able to buy Super User Upgrades for a while.

We are implementing a mechanism to extend the current timers on Super User Upgrades to GUARANTEE at least a break-even on the cost of the package.

We will then no longer allow new purchases for a while, until everyone receives their full compensation, before re-opening the upgrades for everyone.

If you want a Super User Upgrade (SUU) you will have to be fast. You have until June 22nd 0:00 GMT.

Once we re-open the purchase of SUU in the future, you can be sure it's one hell of a deal again!
The biggest ad today for me was $3.1745 from the Achievement ad issue (Top 1%).
Combined with BAP groups ad issue (I'm in group 6) and Referrals ad issue, $7.71 in total.

Today's distribution of ads was surprisingly big.
$4.116 from BAP group 6, $4.375 from top 1% APS and $2.9165 from Top 15% Referral Ad Issue. The rest are random ads.
$11.53 in total.

My initial deposit is $100 + repurchases.
During the month of August (1-31) there is a referral contest.
Top 20 referrers will share a prize pool of $1000!

Also, the menu was changed a bit to make the basics easier to understand for newer members.