PTCircle -

I see other opps out there and this one is the easiest I have gotten into and earned from day 1.

Breakdown for those 50 clicks:

This means you are Deuterium Member and if you upgraded via Skrill you will have at least 39 rented refs. Avg's are around 12 which means you can earn an extra dollar per day from your clicks you can get about $2.60 for viewing at least 15 60 sec ads, 10 - 45 sec ads 15 30 sec and about 10 15 sec ads. About 20 mins work for about $3.60 is not bad.
There was some delays in payments. I got paid. New in the month of September more promos. 150% Balance added for all processors when you add funds from any processor. 100% purchase balance in effect now until end of October fro all processors.

Also this month (Sept) buxsbonus is $5, but also you can click up to 100 ads. So check it out on your own.
Changes, chages. Buxbonus is now $1 till end of year. Payments are still being processed. Up to the 10th of September instant payments should be finalized.

Other changes include withdrawal limits. A slight increase in the lowest membership goes to $7 monthly up one dollar. But the $39 membership is down to $25 per month. These changes also reflect how much you can transfer and the number of referrals you can rent at a time.

More to come...
Lots of changes at this site too fast to keep up with. I believe all centered around a payout delay. Memberships have been modified to reflect earning rate from 3 to 7 cents from free to shareholder (increasing by 1 cent for each upgraded membership). That was so with all memberships having to click 30 ads max. However since today the max ads now also reflect earnings of each membership going from 15, 30, 40, 50, 60. The minimum and maximum payout request were leveled at the same price to help the payout delays. However they have normalized somewhat to have minimum requests from $2, $7, $25, $100 and $600 and max requests are at $5, $20, $75, $300 and $1200.

There is a 27 day period in between requests and memberships from the $25 upgrade can be paid instantly in all processors except bitcoin. The latter is done manually every week. Free and lowest upgraded members are paid manually. However all requests will be manual at first and then instant if it qualifies.

Finally members are allowed to renew or upgrade using their purchase balances until 29th of September. So this date seems to be a checkpoint to have all pendings done and be back to normal so let's see how it goes.