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Payment Rules

strezike said:
15 days have passed, but do not pay Egopayra. I do not know when you will pay.
Have you received any previous payments?
Is this your first payment?
Have you upgraded?

One of the main rules of this site is that you have to at least upgrade to Hydrogen on the processor you want to be paid on.

Eg. if you want EgoPay payment you must upgrade to Hydrogen at least $6 (1 month)...
The payments slow on the PTCircle now. The admin went to holiday. I am using Skrill and i have to wait 5-7 days now. The payment to Egopay you have to wait more.
Site is paying and there are payment status updates in their forum.

My last payment took just over 7 days. They also say that if they are doing manual payments so some will be almost instant but some will wait. Their standard is 7 days but some can wait longer.
I got my payment to Skrill today morning. I requested it on 14 July. The admin was on holiday but from now everything will be ok. Today I upgraded to Deuterium. I rented more 40 refferals from purchase and I will earn more.