Private Label Affililate Programs

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Hi there folks,
I'm new here and well I was put in charge for finding affiliate partners that offer private-label solutions. So far, I've picked up on a magazine merchant, the IAN affiliate and onetravel. Growerflowers didn't meet our design standards so that one was a bummer. I was wondering if you guys have any other ones available.
I am a new comer of have already heard about prigate level affiliate programs.I have a link of this of site in this club evary after noon i work and earn.
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How do I find out which affiliate programs will work in my state?
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I am also confusing about these private affiliate programs. Are they not online? If not then there is no meaning to discuss about them as we can not attend them offline. If they are online then why should we cal them private affiliate programs, as each and every program is running by an admin exclusively. So they are private!!!!
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