Paypal to LR Investments.

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Hi, recently I won a lot of LR money in the USD currency. My LR currently has $875 in funds, and I am offering you a great way to earn some extra E-Gold. Since I operate in Canada and the United States, Liberty Reserve has close to no value to me. I also don`t feel safe using online exchangers, so the $875 balance is just sitting there. However, I do use Paypal, and this is where this great investment program kicks in.

Minimum Payment Via Paypal - $0.50
Maximum - $5.00

Now here`s how it works. You send a payment Via paypal, in the amount ranging from the min. to max., and everyday for the next 60 days you will receive 10% back daily, VIA Liberty Reserve. Do the Math: 10% Times 60 = 600%. That`s 500% profit! You will get paid 10% of your investment every 24 hours without delays, and hesitation.

So why am I offering this great investment program... simply because I need Paypal, and a lot of you need Liberty Reserve. If you feel that this is a scam, then simply don`t invest, and wait for feedback from other members. The reason why the Maximum investment is so low is because I don`t want you guys to feel uncomfortable and feel that your money isn`t safe with me.

If your interested in the program, simply post below, and I will PM you with the Paypal Email to send the payment too, and further instructions to protect you, and keep your wallet safe.
New Promotion: 09/07/2010- I am now offering weekly payouts. If you request a weekly payout, you will receive 3% extra. (70% + 3% = 73%). However, the daily payout is still available.


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dagenius said:
This is just a scam and i am pretty sure, this guy either has fake claims or hacked funds
scam? if so why not close this thread right?
Please comment from the opening thread????


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First of all, watch your language. Second of all, you can easily withdraw all of your LR to any Canadian bank in which you have your account, so your story actually doesn't hold the water...


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Who ever this guy is, he need to be treated. A pure scam program, if you got so much money in your lr account why not look for some exchanger. Well good bye friend.
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