- paid to survey

for they are truely for the worlld, they should add other pay out mode such as alert pay or liberty reserve, because some peeps cannot acces the paypal site, and its kind of a limitation to them if they want to join tge site


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Too few surveys are the key reason why most people don`t venture into Survey sites. This survey is no exception from the fact that most such sites only try and make their members continue working for them by adding additional stuff like contests. This one has got Survey contest, Referral Contest and Jackpot Contest. I really wonder how the sponsors manage to make any money at all...
the biggest drawback it has that it just accepts paypal and this system does not work in my country. so i cannot join this site.
its a wonderful survey program , 1 cent pay out is really nice , are you sure it is a regular and paying program and how could i believe that it is paying to all members if i am missing a sign up icon in given site , it seems not legit .
i love this survey site,the only problem is most of ther countries will not make much money except those who are the resident of where the site comes from.i will advice that they should add liberty reserve to their payment.
In addition to make money by doing paid survey, Paid Surveys Live also provide other ways to earn cash by complete offers, win contests and refer friends.Paid Surveys Live offer three level of referrals to all members with nice package.
1st level referrals – 15% of their earnings
2nd level referrals – 3% of their earnings
3rd level referrals – 2% of their earnings
Its good to see Matomy and Supersonic ads offers. They make sure their offers are available worldwide. Members can earn lots from referrals, but I don't like that you can't see offers before you register.
You have not mentioned whether it is International or specific country oriented. Most of the survey sites are specific country oriented. I am quite happy to know that the pay out is only $.01 and that through Paypal. Just want a clearance. Please help.
just be sure of yourself before you register and make sure you check info about the site on google before going into it so that you would not waist your valuable time!!


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I just join this site and found this site still paid the member until now..but the offer for my country is really limited even i can't finish the daily survey worth $0.07 (or $0.7?) not clear there because using a points system.. that's survey worth 70 points :( and the available task just 1 point only each :jitters:
They are paying by PayPal, Payza and
MoneyBookers. And the points can be redeemed for items in
their prize store including Amazon Gift Cards.
The minimum payout just only $0.01 I think we may easily to withdrawl it.
But since this site don't use liberty reserve so I am not trying to join there. I am prefer to using Lr to accept small payment.