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Hello Friends.

Finally we've took a decision to open advertising offers on our forum. It was not easy to make a change of our forum conception, but, you know - life is changing.. Of course some of you like to see the forum with no advertising inside, but this is necessary action in order to continue our PTP scheme. The reason is clear and absolutely objective..

Our prices are available on

We are open for your suggestions and complaints. Send us your emails or leave your comments directly on this page.

Enjoy the forum community!

The first thing I can say with this new move is CONGRATULATION!!!
I totally agree with this move to support the Golden Talk forum. As I feel, Golden Talk can not hope as good as before only from Gold Poll. Because now, there are so many HYIP Monitors offer the RCB.
I think it is a wonderful Idea and am happy to be a member always with ads or without it does not matter. We want GT to survive and thrive and is a great ptp forum.
As a newbie I was wondering that how GoldenTalk can pay to its members without publishing advertisment on the website.It is not a mistery anymore for me. :)


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To my surprise, GT finally start the advertising service! A great move I could say, at least it will be an extra earning for admin. It will be a win-win situation among admin and posters.


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I have waited for a thing like this before, to see GT placing ads in their forum. Atleast, the Admin's earnings will increase and will actually hold the stability of the forum.
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