Offers2Cash - Very new GPT site - $5 USD min. payout


This is a new GPT site, planning to grow up fast and be established in scene. We have lots of "new" things and we plan to add more soon:

- Direct Offers. We work directly with many companys and we have the best converting and easy offers out of the normal offerwalls.
- We have cashback for betting sites!
- Videos.
- Surveys.
- OfferWalls of course.
- More methods soon.

Why Offers2Cash?
Because noone pay more than us, if you don't belive just check it and compare what we pay with other sites.

1. We pay 15%. Only first level
2. Month ranking with rewards: We have 2 mensual rankings, one for users that earn more and other for users that earn more with referals.
Three places on each rank: 20$-10$-5$

We have in 6 presents all what anyone can want, type of rewards:
- Direct money with Paypal, Neteller or Skrill. (Minimum $5 USD)
- Bitcoins.
- Amazon Gift Card.
- G2A Gift Card.

Register here: