New HYIP Investing Strategy.


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sugarboy said:
"For me the new strategy is to earn via referrals and not via Investments."
I would like to know about it. Can I get information?
That's a good strategy but one thing you should know is that your referrals must have active deposits before you can be able to earn.
emerald said:
I suppose everybody needs experiences in the investments. Sometimes lose sometimes win. Until will ot find the best deal, i guess
In my part I don't even consider it as in investments. Its more of like a gamble for me. Because back of my mind I do know that the chance of making it on regular basis is slim. Before I join hyip site and I make deposit in a hyip site that is sponsoring many ptp forums as I feel its going to last longer.
@hadg33 your Strategy is the best Strategy ever. At-least you will not be scared if the go Scammed because you have already earned more on a short time. And those sites has lasted too.
I greatly love your advice and i will now invest in the hyip markets since now i can see the good in investing in the forex business,I greatly love your points.I want to make money in forex and be a top guy.
@hadg33 your Strategy is the best Strategy ever. At-least you will not be scared if the go Scammed because you have already earned more on a short time. And those sites has lasted too.
I'm very hate broker who scammed their clients. I almost lose about $200 in a broker, its my lucky because i've withdraw it first before they going bankrupt.
I guess almost every HYIP ended up taking investors money so even knowing that they are high risk sites if you want to invest in them then i suggest investing small amounts and withdraw profits regularly from them. I did invested in few HYIP sites but didn't found any luck, i think trading is more rewarding than investing in any hyip or ponzi schemes.
Over the years my previous “Investment Strategies” have changed to reflect today’s HYIP industry. Thus the threads - HYIP Investing Strategy. Part I at and HYIP Investing Strategy. Part II at are out of date and have been closed.

The basics are still the same in that an HYIP can fold at any time without warning, although there MIGHT be signs of all not being well prior to the disappearing act.

The signs are, but in no particular order of importance:
The introduction of a special new plan with a higher interest rate and/or minimum deposit than the other plans, accompanied by a closing date (usually at the end of the month or 30 days hence) after which new deposits will not be taken. I take it as a sign that admin is seeking new deposits before doing a bunk, especially if the closing date is extended.
A change to the existing plans.
A change to the payout terms.
Selective payments of small amounts only.
No more instant payments if instant payments were the norm.
Withdrawal requests being put back into account balance.
Your History in the HYIP shows a payment as being made but does not include the “Transaction Number” if it normally does so.
Site down with claims of DDoS attacks. We have no way of knowing if the claims are true.

The bottom line is still that it is a gamble on whether you make a loss or a profit.

Once you have made a deposit into an HYIP there is NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO except carry on withdrawing if you can and hope that you get to at least your break-even point before the programme folds. No amount of posting and voting what a scum bag the admin is will alter the situation. But don’t let that stop you from venting your wrath.

So before spending any money do a few checks first.

But before you do think on this.
As a general rule, although not cast in stone, an HYIP offering up to about 5% per day and not returning the principle is probably OK. Any programme offering higher terms is going to be dodgy.
An HYIP offering up to about 2.5% per day and returning the principle is probably OK. Any programme offering higher terms is going to be dodgy.

Work out the break-even point. The break-even point is determined by dividing the daily interest rate into 100. This will give you the number of days be they calendar days or business days. Learn to differentiate between the two. 50 business days is 10 weeks (70 calendar days) and could be even longer if bank/public holidays are included in the 50 days. Take into account that your country’s bank/public holidays may not be the same as the HYIP admin’s. Also take into account that because of the different world time zones, your Wednesday could be admin’s Tuesday or Thursday. So you could find that an HYIP that pays 5/7, its Monday to Friday becomes your Tuesday to Saturday or in a different part of the world it becomes your Sunday to Thursday. Confusing isn’t it?

You then have to decide if YOU think that the HYIP is likely to last to at least your break-even point and hopefully beyond.

You do that by doing a “Whois” check at to find out the expiry date of the domain registration to ensure that there is enough time left for your chosen plan to reach its end. There is little point in joining a 150 business days (210 calendar days – 30 weeks) plan if the domain registration expires well before the plan does. Admin may well extend the registration but that is unlikely to happen until a few days before the registration expires. However having a domain registered for a certain period of time is no guarantee that the programme will last that long and neither is an extension. In general, if my break-even point plus 30 days comes before the domain expiry I will join if all other factors are favourable, in the hope that admin will extend the domain registry when the time comes.

Read the HYIP FAQ’s and Terms and any other details on the web site, particularly those pertaining to the payout terms. If an HYIP does not return the principle and offers compounding DO NOT GO FOR COMPOUNDING. All your daily earnings become your principle and that is not returned. The odd HYIP has been known to only allow one change from the default compounding figure. Be warned, be wary, be wise.

Test the Contact Admin facility. A slow or no response should have you backing away.

Check with GoldPoll at to see if GP monitors your chosen HYIP. If GP doesn’t monitor it proceed with caution.

Check this forum to see if there is a thread about your chosen HYIP in the “HYIP – High Yield Investment Programs” at, the “I Have Been Paid By…” at and “Program Scam Warnings” at forums and read them. You could also check other HYIP forums like TalkGold.

Having settled on your choice of HYIP the next question is how much to deposit.

Some people favour a ‘test spend’ of the minimum allowed or of a small amount. OK so you are not likely to lose a lot with such a tactic but you won’t earn much either. Worse still, is if your ‘test spend’ gets you to the end of the plan unscathed there is no guarantee that a much larger subsequent deposit will be successful. Indeed there is a better than even chance that it won’t.

I prefer my initial deposit to be large enough so that if the plan comes to term successfully the clear profit will be higher than the minimum allowed. You can then re-cycle some of that clear profit safe in the knowledge that you haven’t lost and from then on you are making more money until the inevitable end.

For example – an HYIP offers 1.8% per day for 100 days with a minimum of $20, principle not returned. That $20 will earn you $16 clear profit after 100 days, which isn’t enough to re-cycle. A $30 deposit will earn a clear profit of $24 after 100 days so you can re-cycle $20 and still have a clear profit of $4.

And now for the $64,000 question. When to join and make a deposit? If only playing the HYIP game was that simple. Well your guess is as good as mine and anyone else’s. All the experience in the world will not tell you when.

Some people will try to quote statistical evidence that the ideal time to join an HYIP and make a spend is when the programme has been running for a few weeks but not later than when it has been running a few months. Sadly that is a pseudo statistic that just doesn’t compute. We don’t know what is in admin’s mind until after the programme disappears.

You have to decide when to join for yourself. After all it is your money and thus your gamble.

Finally – if you remember nothing else then remember this:
If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.
Do not spend just because you have some spare cash in your payment processor account.
Spend in haste, repent at leisure.
Do not spend more than you are prepared to lose.
Do not get greedy. The road to poverty is littered with greedy punters.
Don’t put all your money into one HYIP.
Withdraw daily to minimise potential losses.
Do not compound until after you have passed your break-even point. Your priority should be to get back an amount that is equivalent to your deposit as quickly as possible and the only way to do that is to withdraw daily. There is one exception. If the plan term is less than about 45 days, the principle is returned and all other factors suggest that a deposit is warranted, it might sometimes be beneficial to set 100% compounding for the full term. Up to 45 days is usually less than the break-even time so you could earn more than by withdrawing daily.
Avoid programmes that pay hourly.
Past performance is no guarantee of future payments. Just an indication that it might.
There are no certainties in the HYIP world except possibly that sooner or later a programme will fold. There are only probabilities.
For every winner there are several losers. That also applies to life in general in the markets, gaming, lotteries etc.
Lastly be satisfied with what you’ve got. Don’t go chasing dreams for they will likely as not end up as nightmares.

Good luck!
You have explained everything in detail, thank you for the same. This is really very informative.