New HYIP Accounting software

Hey all,

Well I have been sitting back and waiting for U Software to release their new version of their HYIP Accounting software in a hope to be able to discard my excel spreadsheets for good.

v1.7 has now been released ( which is the good news, but I think they have still missed the mark (although somewhat of an improvement to v1.0). What we all think (it has a 14 day free trial so give it a go).
I have been looking for a good program for a long time that would allow me to manage my investments, where I could quickly find my income and expenses, where I could easily make a profit from various investments, including for my business. I found free accounting software Malaysia and now I'm trying this program at work. So far, I want to note the fast work, the user-friendly interface, all the functions I need, the easy setup of the program. What do you think is a good metric for free software? What criteria should I consider when choosing an accounting software?