Network Security?

Effort to prevent someone from doing actions that we do not want on the computer, software, and tools is in so that all remain in the ideal situation that we want. And how your opinion?
of-course there is always an effort to avoid bad things from happening to our systems, sometime we the users are the ones who invite this bad things to happen to our system, sometimes we know that a site is bad but yet we still visit it and the results obviously will be that our system will function strangely

And also avoiding installing lot of anonymous programs could also help here, i mean people would normally avoid those agreements written on that software and continue with installation and only to find that the agreement is talking about bad things and yet it is not their responsibility if your system malfunctions after that, and only to find that you have installed a spyware on your system and because you have agreed there is nothing your anti-spyware could do about that


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well, the best thing is to install a powerful anti virus on your system, using this will help your computer to safe gard against the viruses.
Also, if you will install any spamwares or some other tools that detects and cleans the malicious code then you will be able to work safely on internet.
System security comprises of the arrangements and practices embraced to anticipate and screen unapproved get to, abuse, alteration, or disavowal of a PC system and system available assets.