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I added today this one to my list, and got also an interview from admin.
The chat on skype is working nicely I must say.

This is the interview:

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers and give us a brief introduction about your company and what position you occupy in MyBetWinn..
Hello my name is Fernando and iam the admin of MBW Investment Inc, an Investment fund specializing in betting on sports events through bookmakers.

2. Could you confirm when your program officially started?
Our program officaly started working on August 28th,2009

3. Is MyBetWinn a registered entity? Do you have any proof of registration that you can provide to the investors?
Yes MBW Investment Inc. is registered, we have all the proof, feel free to click on our contact-us section.

4. What investment plans can MyBetWinn offer to online investors? What is the minimum and the maximum to deposit in such plans?
We offer 3 type of plans:
Plan A: 20$ to $499 – 29 days investment period paying 1.5% daily
Plan B: $500 to $5000 + 4% – 39 days investment period paying 2.5% daily
Plan C: $1000 to $10000 +10% – 59 days investment period paying 2.7% daily

5. Is compounding allowed in MyBetWinn? Can one withdraw the principal before the investment term matures?
Yes compounding is allowed and one can only withdraw the principal after the plan expires.

6. What payment processors do you currently accept? Do you have any plans to add more payment processors in the near future?
We currently accept, Liberty and Perfect Money In the future we will be adding strict-Pay as another option.

7. In your opinion what distinctly differentiates MyBetWinn from similar programs that also claim to be trading on Forex but often scam very fast?
Unlike programs that claim to be trading on Forex or stock market. The market out there is unpredictable and there’s always a risk of losing your capital through just a single unfortunate transaction. Our team earns money exclusively from bookmaker offices, bets and the arbitration situations between them.
For spotting arbitration situations, a specially designed automated program is used together with a tried and tested strategy which has proven itself over and over again.

8. Do you have a physical office/address for your program/company or do you operate from home?
We have a a physical office/address, please click on our contact-Us section for full details.

9. It is not a secret that the sphere of online investments is accompanied with high risks for the investors. How can you provide financial stability and security of your system?
In order to ensure our clients saftey and comfort, we have SSL certificate and DDos protection.
Every hour there is a backup of the entire system,we keep track of our clients payment account numbers and if for some reason
there payment account number changes, we first get in touch with them to confirm the change was done by them, before we procede with the transaction.

10. What’s your opinion of the online HYIP industry in general?
I belive that the HYIP industry in general has a big future ahead.
Before investing into any program, one should do lots of reaserach first and if there is a little doubt in his mind about the program, he should abort the idea.


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Sorry, as usual my Alzheimer hit me again. I had to open this thread in the "online sports-betting" section", and should be moved there now.
I apologize for the inconvenience.. :eek:
Seems to be interesting and I hope it can be like GNI that paying for a long time.. But this site is not monitored by Gold Poll yet..


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Thanks thinkpink for sharing us your interview with MBW admin. It looks like a serious program and a secure site with DDoS protection and SSL encryption. I test the https when browsing, and it's okay. It has also a nice plan; 1.5% per day is good enough and competitive. I'm interested on this one! I'll monitor this!


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luke1 said:
Seems to be interesting and I hope it can be like GNI that paying for a long time.. But this site is not monitored by Gold Poll yet..
Also GNI is not monitored by GoldPoll but is a jewel. To be monitored isn't a guarantee of scam-free unfortunately.

Contrarily to my habits I started here with a 100% compounding plan of 29 days. Will upfdate if will be successfully of course.

Referrals commissions have ben paid smoothly and very quickly however.


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it's good site i think but i'm not clear if we invest now use 100% compound and tomorrow i invest again in daily profit can i get or withdraw may daily profit and i can see their explain about our main investment,can i withdraw all my money after end of investment or can't withdraw it.
After the connection troubles of yersterday,
today the site results to be "under construction".

I contact the support by skype.
Hereafter the mybetwinn replies (the time is GMT+1h):

[10:20:40] I: Dear mybetwinn support,what kind of problem the site is having?
[10:21:17] mybetwinn: Dear Sir, We are almost done fixing
[10:21:27] I: the site says "under construction"
[10:21:35] mybetwinn: site should be fine withing 1 or 2 hours max.
[10:24:45] I: ok...I hope the account balance will be correct. The source of trouble what is (if I may know). DDOS attack?
[10:25:27] mybetwinn: Heavy DDos attack, dont worry everything will be correct, if not we will edit.

So the site is under heavy Ddos attack.
We will see if within 2 hours all will be ok.
The site perhaps is going to be online again...
30' agoI've been able to access to,
but all the statistics (in the left) were null (no accounts, no money deposited, etc..), and if I tried to log-in my username wasn't recognized.
10 minutes ago I was able to log in, but my deposits were all null.
Now, all the site statistics
are correct, I'm able to log in and my deposits are ok. The account situation is that of the 26/10/2009.
I thinks this mean they are really working and going up...
We will see what happen in the next hours...
The last new I received by skype from the support:
"...[17:23:08] mybetwinn: iam leaving for 2 hours, i can gurantee you that by 10pm italian time it will be working maybe earlier..."
We will see.


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italia75 said:
The last new I received by skype from the support:
"...[17:23:08] mybetwinn: iam leaving for 2 hours, i can gurantee you that by 10pm italian time it will be working maybe earlier..."
We will see.
Yes, I also got these news from skype:

Dear Members,

please do not worry the situation is under control.
As you know On our website these few days was a intense ddos attack and therefore the site was not available.
We have since upgraded our hosting to (BLACK LOTUS) with very strong defense and with the transition
to a new hosting service we hope that today the site will be finished and accessible to the public.
After the first login to your account please check your data while we are also checking now by hand.
We Thank you for your support and understanding.

And 2 hours later..

Everything is looking good, the admin informed me that they are in the finall steps and testing everything. should be fine and ready soon, but he didnt give me exact time.

So let's wait and see how it goes on. At this moment site is still offline, although 22.00 CET are over. I checked on whois record that they really moved to BlackLotus, so I'm still optimistic to see them back soon.


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t2t said:
the min. to start with is too high.
More money, more risk, more loss or more gain.
The point as usual is if and how long a program will be paying.
I always "play" with hyips with amounts that I can afford to lose, and luckily in latest months always with profits already gained from the overall management of all my programs. And that helps of course.
But since I'm a player and gambler I wouldn't have any fun to play with $1 only..
$5 or 10 in every program is so far the minimum to move an emotion inside me.
7 days a day, and 4/5 times for day (so typically you receive the payment within 6 hours). I received payments yesterday and today (Saturday and Sunday).
they pay all day and if you invest $1000 it takes only 35 days until you are in the money (if you use LR) due to the 10% bonus you will receive and the good thing is that this bonus is instantly added to your avail. balance. eg send in $1000 you have $1100 on your account, and you can trade with that, so the yield is in fact 2.97%, I like that.


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I successfully ended my first plan A, 100% compounding, with a net profit of 56% for 29 calendar days. Withdrawn 50% of the profit and reinvested with 50% compounding this time. :beer:
Btw I've been paid very quickly also.
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