Market is constantly right.

Since the market is constantly right. Up and coming value changes will frequently be directed by future occasions that we can't gauge, (for example, expansive requests by banks, or news that still can't seem to happen). With these sorts of occasions, it's difficult to recognize what will occur, accordingly; it's difficult to keep on successfully conjecture future value developments without help from hazard administration. Without chance administration you will lose your cash here.


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Because we never know what happen on future, but as speculator trader we only trying to look on news and also if having leak news from central bank, we can trying to making identity the trend with technical analysis approach and fundamental analysis apporach but still using risk management in trading
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Yes it is quite difficult to predict market movements in the right direction. By performing quality technical and fundamental analysis to certain extent investors can learn about market movements. In order to earn better returns investors must try to trade along the market trend.
No matter how good our analysis is, it is only as good as the information that is available right now. We cannot know for certain what will happen tomorrow.
In the right direction to predict market movements it is quite difficult. But about market movements to certain extent investors can learn about by performing quality technical and fundamental analysis. To trade along the trend investors must try in order to earn better return.
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The market is not always in our favor, so do not expect anything from it but you can choose the right broker for your trading work. I am using a broker for my trading work which provides free demo account with free education so that every new person can learn it.
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