Looking For A Trusted E-Currency Exchanger!

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Can anyone recommend some trusted and reliable E-currency Exchangers into all major E-currencies including Western Union and Money Gram?
Preferably Exchangers he has been dealing with for sometime and recommended by Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, and EgoPay.

Does anyone know any E-Currency Exchanger in the USA or Canada?

Please let me know.

We do not want to persist you to use our service, but we offer all exchange directions you have named above - Western Union, MoneyGram, Perfect Money, EgoPay and a lot more.
Highflyexchange.com is Worldwide Ecurrency exchanger,
a Certified Exchanger of PerfectMoney.com, ( We provide Exchange services at lowest rates).
We provide Exchange, Buy Sell, Barter Cheque (BC) ,Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Skrill, PayPal, Payza, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, Webmoney e-currencies to and from Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer, Forex Internel fund instantly
for more detail Ecurrency exchange
I've found A Reliable One!

shadowcreeper said:
xchanger.org is a good one but even m hearing negative comments about them as they are delaying exchanges
http://rchange.net is the one that conduct my transactions and for the past 2 months, I can but highly appreciate both the speed at which my transactions were carried out but the effectiveness as well.

I highly recommend him to whoever would like to perform e-ccurencies exchanges.
However, thank very much for your intentions and desire to help...

xchager.org is taking long time for some exchanges like solidtrustpay but doing fast exchange with perfectmoney so solidtrustpyers watch out.

guys does anyone knows any exchanger who exchages money from paypal to perfectmoney?
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shadowcreeper said:
guys does anyone knows any exchanger who exchages money from paypal to perfectmoney?
There is No legitimate or verified PayPal exchanger. It is against PP's TOS.
Tread carefully trying to exchange PayPal :eek:


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Well I also wanted to get my funds from Paypal to any other payment processor but I also could not find anyone who exchanges Paypal, I was trying to do this because I knew one day they would eventually ask me to verify which was not possible for me and now this happened that they in end limited my account before I could find someone exchange it.
I'd suggest you to confirm exchangers that are brought out at any e-processor site as like mentioned in perfect money about authorized exchangers. you may choose any one of them as per your requirement. If any scam exchanger allure you to give more money in lieu of exchanging another currency or insist you to use their services with attractive offers, just stay away from them. use only recommended exchangers , there is no exchanging benefits as fraud spammers offer. if you do that,you'll scammed,as I fainted for once.
munnaali85 said:
Exchange Express provides INSTANT EXCHANGES between LR, PM, OK, CP and BTC e-currencies.
Yes ! Also here I gave.
Reliable, correct page.
The high cost, low-speed send.
Try It !
Little money test, a lot of money to-morrow.


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instantfast said:
"Walletsexchange.com Now Can Exchange / Sell/ Buy / Cash out
With Western union (WU), Money Gram (MG), to Perfect Money(PM), Skill (MB), Bitcoin (BTC), Web money (WMZ), OK pay (OP), PayPal (PP), Solid Trust Pay (STP), EgoPay,(EP), At Reasonable Price. We Provide Fastest, Instant Services To Our Clients All Over The World. Our Payments Are Instant.
Another site claiming to exchange PayPal and Skrill which is against both site's TOS.
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