Ledger Nano Wallet Review : The best wallet to protect your crypto currency


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Ledger Nano wallet is a hardware wallet that you can use to keep your Bitcoin and Other crypto currency offline, this wallet offer a high level of security for your funds and protects them against hackers and allow you to own the private key of your crypto curreny .

1-Description of the Ledger nano wallet :
Hardwares wallets are probably the most robust security that you can have for your Bitcoins, or any other crypto. They allow you to send and receive Bitcoins or other crypto from any computer or platform, even if this computer is affected by malware.

The way that hardwares wallets provide maximum security for your crypto currency is by storing your private key and proceeding to your transactions Bitcoin and crypto money offline so that when someone tries to "hack" your wallet remotely, he will not be able to do this.
Most Hardwallets also use a second screen / device to check actions on your wallet, such as transactions.
By This way, if a hacker takes control of your computer, he will not be able to hack you , because he must have access to the physical devices connected to your computer '' the ledger nano device ''.
The operation of Ledger Nano is quite similar to any Hardwares wallet. When configured for the first time, you will need to choose a PIN code to protect the device from unwanted access.
Later, you will receive a combination of 24 words that will be used to create your private keys (this is called an HD portfolio, plus here). This combination should be written in a safe place and not on your computer, becauqee who knows this combination will take the control on your Bitcoins.
Once the device is configured, just install an application that will allow you to use the device (ie send and receive Bitcoins).
The application I used is a Chrome extension that gives you the following features:
The General Account Details.
Send and receive Bitcoins and other crypto from your Hardware wallet.
Generate encrypted crypto addresses to receive and send crypto.
You will find the application on your Ledger account
The interface is quite easy to use
The Ledger Nano S can also use existing Bitcoin portfolios instead of the current chrome expansion interface. These portfolios are: MyCellium, Electrum, Bitgo, GreenBits, Copay and MyEtherWallet.
Here are the current altcoins supported:
Ethereum / Ethereum Classic
You can send and receive payments, check your accounts and manage multiple addresses for each currency from the same device.
The price of a ledger nano wallet is € 58

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6- My review about the site :

Ledger wallet nano is one of the best offline wallet that you can use to protect your funds in crypto currency and also to get access to your own private keys .
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